Multi-function Cooking Pot works as a hotpot, frying pan, and griller in one

K Deng Multi-function Cooking Pot Design

Electric cooking pots have become more prevalent in recent years for their ease. They’re not just popular among dormers and condo dwellers as more people have started to use them.

Cooking pots are also used in restaurants where you must cook your own food. They are usually found in Japanese and Korean restos, but since it’s still a pandemic, many people have purchased their own to enjoy shabu-shabu or samgyupsal feasting at home. The multi-functional cooking pot you see here is simply a concept. We like the idea of a modular system as it’s not just a cooking pot. It also works as a griller, frying pan, and food warmer in one.

Designer: K Deng (Z WAVE DESIGN)

K Deng Multi-function Cooking Pot Concept

Product Concept Multi-function Cooking Pot

The cooking pot is modular and comes with a hot plate, a hot pot, and a frying pan. You can interchange the parts to suit your every cooking need. What makes this more interesting are the fun and fresh colors. You can have the cooking pot in either beige or mint blue. Both colors make cooking more fun at home.

The multi-function cooking pot goes beyond its cooking function. Its aesthetics make it ideal for placing in your all-white and super clean kitchen. It’s very minimalist with its clean lines and smooth edges. The orange knobs, handles, and display provide the perfect contrast.

K Deng Multi-function Cooking Pot Details

The electric cooking pot is ideal for those who live in tiny homes. However, this may benefit more those who live in condos and small apartments where there isn’t enough kitchen counter space. You don’t need to buy a lot of pans and pans because this multi-function cooking pot will be enough.

Looking at the other works of the designer, K Deng has introduced new designs for everyday household items like a speaker system, camera, earbuds, electric fan, hairdryer, hair clipper, and air conditioner. The designer wants to improve on the products we often use at home. Z WAVE DESIGN’s other works are also reinvented kitchen appliances like a range hood and a modular kitchen system.

Concept Multi-function Cooking Pot

We have featured a number of similar electric pots before. There’s the Portable Electric Pot designed by Yunsoo Choi. The WAMP camping cooking pot is ideal for your adventure trips. There are already plenty of kitchen appliances designed to improve your cooking experiments and adventures. Most of them can help you cook Master Chef-worthy cuisines and delicacies. We still want to see the Barbecue Nx Smart Grill concept become a reality someday.

Concept Multi-function Cooking Pot Design

K Deng Multi-function Cooking Pot