Barbecue Nx Smart Grill concept makes grilling more efficient, mess-free, and organized

Barbecue Nx Smart Grill

Apart from getting fit and healthy by finally doing exercise this year, there is another thing you can do: eat healthily. You can start by actually learning to cook your own food.

One of the easiest cooking methods is grilling. For some, it can be complicated but the Barbecue Nx Smart Grill concept aims to deliver a more convenient grilling experience. A seamless one is possible especially for those who want to hold barbecue parties with family and friends or simply get started with cooking and eating healthier choices.

Designer: Swapnil Yeutkar

Barbecue Nx Smart Grill Outdoors

The smart grill concept has been designed by Swapnil Yeutkar who is a Product Designer for Whirlpool India. It’s only an idea but the Barbecue Nx has the potential to be big when it becomes a reality. It goes beyond its stylish form but it doesn’t look anything like the common grills we see in the market.

Barbecue Nx Smart Grill How To Operate

At first glance, it looks like a huge air fryer or a small electric oven. In another angle, it appears like an oven toaster. It’s a grilling machine that allows a more efficient grilling with unique low smoke technology. A centrifugal fan helps in grilling so everything is efficient. It’s what powers the grill and sends out air to the chimney via two input manifolds. There is a fire plate that ignites the fire gel as described by the design. This makes the machine ready to grill in just five minutes.

Barbecue Nx Smart Grill How It Works

Underneath is a chimney, topped by the grill that can be separated and easily cleaned. The grill surface reduces sticking off food. The separate design makes it user-friendly for cooking vegetables and non-veggie at once. There is a small center place that allows a more smoky flavor if you prefer that.

Barbecue Nx Smart Grill Design

The bubble design chimney has holes that can keep the grill cool while grilling. The bubble cap keeps the meat fat from calling on the coal. This makes the grill anti-fire, reducing the risk of burning food. To control smoke while grilling, the sliding air vents can do the job right. To control the heat zone, there is a smart display with a fan regulator. The display can show a timer so you don’t forget that you’re grilling something.

Barbecue Nx Smart Grill Functions

The aesthetics of the barbecue grill can match modern interiors. But it really goes beyond the style. It’s functional especially with the integrated storage so it won’t be messy when you’re grilling. You can also keep your cooking oil and sauces inside.

There is an extra space though to keep your cooking tools hot and secure. This makes it safe for everyone. Another drawer lets you store essential tools. Another one allows you to marinate food before grilling. This is a modular grill so you can use two separate grills that are also easy to clean.

Barbecue Nx Smart Grill Home

Barbecue Nx Smart Grill Use

Grilling is satisfying but it can be messy at times. The Barbecue Nx has been designed to keep you organized especially when outdoors. Its compact size makes it portable so you can easily bring it to your backyard for the usual Sunday barbecue with the family or when going camping with your friends.

Barbecue Nx Smart Grill

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