This part-faucet, part-fountain makes life easier for brushing and more

In Pinterest’s endless list of quirky designer faucets I’m still waiting to see a faucet that’s as practically wonderful as the Da Vinci. Part faucet, part fountain, the Da Vinci is one of those “why hasn’t anyone ever thought of it before” projects that happens to be innovative and sensible in 2019. Styled like a regular faucet with two mixers on each side, the Da Vinci has an innocuous lever sitting right near the outlet. Pull the lever forward and the faucet turns into a fountain, giving you an upward stream of water that you can either drink or gargle with while brushing.

Designed to save you the trouble of cupping your hands every time you want to drink water from the faucet (and inevitably dropping/wasting most of the water in the process), the Da Vinci just simply reroutes the water to an upward-facing outlet so you can just bend down and drink directly from the faucet. Whether you want to rinse while brushing, drink water, or just wash your face, the Da Vinci has a much more practical solution to a problem that has somehow existed for centuries without being solved. The upward-facing fountain outlet is as easy as pushing down on a lever, making it perfect for elders and kids… and it actually ends up saving 88% of the water in the process by regulating the water’s pressure.

As functional as they may be, the Da Vinci faucets have the aesthetics absolutely nailed too. They come with a pretty eye-catching organic design that’s ergonomic, comes in a variety of premium finishes, and adds a touch of class to your bathroom. Each faucet is made from 100% lead-free brass and even comes with a lifetime warranty.

A combination of practical and playful, Da Vinci’s faucets tick pretty much all the boxes. They’re great-looking, much more accessible, and solve a pretty big problem that’s gone unnoticed for centuries while ultimately saving water in the process too… And what do you know, they’re so much fun to use that your kid might actually end up brushing twice a day!

Designers: Steve Waddell & Noah McNeely

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Da Vinci Fountain Faucet: The Future of Faucets

Part faucet, part fountain, this Italian inspired bathroom faucet makes life easier, minimizes germs, and saves water.

The Da Vinci utilizes a dual method of water delivery. For starters, you’ll still be able to get water from the downspout as you would with a traditional faucet. But with a flip of a switch, the flow can be redirected through a spout at the top of the faucet, bringing you a magnificent arc of clean water whenever you want.

Easily rinse after brushing with water.

Easily rinse shaving cream.

Rinse facial cleanser without splashing.

Take pills or vitamins without painful bending.

Save Up to 88% Water

If by chance you forget to turn off the water during your 2 minutes of brushing your teeth, Da Vinci saves you up to 88% water compared to normal faucets.

Did you know that the average American uses up to 4.4 gallons of water each time they brush when they leave the water running, and they brush at least twice a day. If all 329 million Americans did that they would use more than a billion gallons of water just brushing alone.

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