The IRI Lamp is like a modern campfire for indoors

The world will never run out of new lamp designs. Instead, there will be plenty of innovative lamps that will be introduced as more creatives are coming up with their new versions and inventions.

Lamps serve many functions, but they mainly provide illumination to your surroundings. Unfortunately, the more affordable ones are those made of plastic, but that means they’re not that eco-friendly. The IRI Lamp is a new project from Shift and Notwaste Design. The latter is a furniture shop that sells items made from waste material.

Designer: Shift

The products from Notwaste are made of used materials like OSB. Those are wood strands so no materials are wasted. There is no waste at all because they are reusing old materials responsibly.

The IRI Lamp is said to explore the connection between nature and man. IRI reflects the idea of a bonfire or campfire setup. The legs appear like the logs used to start a fire, while the lamp’s shape is like the shape of a flame. It brings the outdoor camping experience inside the house.

IRI Lamp Designer Shift

IRI Lamp Concept Design

IRI combines the black rubber and OSB materials which have become Notwaste’s signature, with artistry and modern technology. The craftsmanship is evident here, which makes the lamp a total head-turner. The wire is black, so it looks like it has a tail. Perhaps a white wire may be better, but we understand wood and black combo is a signature style.

When the light is turned on, the IRI Lamp reflects light to the surroundings but with some patterned shadows. In some angles, it actually looks like an alien rocketship. The look and feel of the material appear rough but are softened by the curves of the main lamp.

Conceept IRI Lamp

Concept Lamp Design

The wood with black rubber design shows the perfect contrast for a homey and cozy appeal. Shift is known for its designs that can change the world. The same studio presented the F1 Sneakers that we considered a deconstructed wear of the future. There is also the U34 lamp with its 20-faced icosahedral shape.

IRI Lamp Materials

When it comes to other lamp designs, we have featured a lot and we have a few favorites. We were impressed with that multifunctional desk lamp because it also works as a book holder. We enjoyed the Pulley Light as an adjustable decorative lamp. That Milly Dent Honey Lamp Collection provides a dramatic lighting effect. That Origami Lamp earlier showed us what look like two hanging pyramids but is actually a lizard’s head.

IRI Lamp Design

IRI Lamp Featires

IRI Lamp Concept