Milly Dent Honey Lamp Collection gives off a dramatic lighting effect

Milly Dent HONEY LAMP IV copy

You can probably describe each Honey Lamp as ‘Sweet as honey’. The new lamps by Milly Dent Ceramic Studio are indeed sweet-looking, perfect for any minimalist home with their charming design. Every Honey Lamp is unique as it is handmade and results from a specific process.

The Honey Lamp’s lampshade is porcelain and offers a downward illumination. Each one has a base similar to the shade but is smaller in size. The lamp offers a vintage vibe and is inspired by The Balvenie craftsmen—makers of The Balvenie single malt scotch whiskey.

Designer: Milly Dent


The illuminating effect of the Honey Lamp is warmth for a more tranquil and soothing atmosphere to enjoy a glass or two of whisky. It was also inspired by copper stills used in distilleries. The lamp features a porcelain base and a porcelain shade that is suspended by a copper sleeve for a floating effect.

Every Honey Lamp lampshade is made using Australian porcelain clay and shaped like a beehive with its horizontal lines. It comes with a hollow form that contains the light. The textural shared is modeled by a stoneware clay placed on a potter’s wheel. The copper on the lamp is expected to tarnish over time, giving its character through the years.

Milly Dent Ceramic Studio HONEY LAMP III

Milly Dent is a Sydney-based ceramic studio. The Australian company made sure to use high-quality electrical components for the lamps. Every unit is appropriately tagged and tested and other features of the lamp include some brass, a porcelain lamp holder, and natural linen flex cable.

Milly Dent’s Honey Lamp Collection is a signature collection by the artisan. It is a collaboration with The Balvanie–a brand famous for its single malt scotch whisky. Just like the process of making whisky, the process of making the lamp brings about a complete piece. The end product, which is a result of many different elements, must be enjoyed as a whole.

Milly Dent Ceramic Studio HONEY LAMP V

The Honey Lamp series features lamps that each come with a different look. Each unit provides a dramatic effect to the room. The atmosphere is suddenly changed when a Honey Lamp is on. It’s the best lighting to sit down and chill to after a long day, and when all you want is a nightcap.

Milly Dent’s partnership with The Balvenie is seen through the lamp that doesn’t really reflect light off the structure. What it offers is mood lighting, perfect for the whisky lover. The mood is given off by that honey glow that evokes different emotions –mainly peaceful and dramatic.

Milly Dent Ceramic Studio HONEY LAMP IV