This modular bench concept gives bikers a place to park and sit

There is no shortage of ideas on how to give everyone a seat, especially outdoors. Of course, space for benches and chairs will always be a problem, whether it’s at a park or some vacant area in the middle of towering buildings. That’s not even considering yet those “in-between” places where people come and go a lot, only stopping by for a brief breather. Such resting places for cyclists, for example, are far and few in between, and they aren’t exactly designed for this segment of the world’s active population. That’s the very specific need that this bench concept is trying to address, giving cyclists a place to rest while still offering the option to accommodate a bunch of people at the same time.

Designer: Alonso Bastos Durán

Of course, there are public and outdoor spaces that cater to those who regularly take their bikes out, either for work, leisure, or exercise. In most cases, however, there is a single parking space for these bikes that are often a good distance away from where they might want to sit down and chill. Sure, that does force them to work their legs a bit more, but it might introduce inconveniences as well as concerns over the security of their metal steeds.

The Pinajarro Bench is designed to address those concerns by allowing bikers to park where they sit or vice versa. In a nutshell, the slots between the metal bars of this triangular structure might be very familiar to cyclists as a place to rest their wheels and chain their bikes down. At the same time, however, the bench can accommodate wooden or metal seats that hang over the top of that triangle, allowing the same bench to be both a parking slot and chair for cyclists at the same time, letting them catch their breath while keeping an eye on their bike.

The concept, however, goes beyond a single configuration. For example, the entire bench can be occupied by seats only, preventing anyone from parking their bikes. Conversely, it can have no seats at all and functions purely as a parking space. The orientation of the seats can very, letting people sit beside each other or back to back. Even the seats themselves can have variations in design. In one scenario, the back of the seat can have a flat flap that serves as a tray for drinks or other items for people sitting on that side.

The Pinajarro Bench can be made from a wide variety of materials, but the concept has a particular bias for sustainable options. The base itself will always be made from hard steel to give the structure balance and strength, but the seats can be made from wood or metal. The latter might be a better choice for benches that will be exposed to the elements 24/7. Regardless of the materials, the concept offers a sustainable and rather ingenious way to give bikers their own special space while still keeping the doors open for other seating configurations. It might even inspire other people to embrace a healthier lifestyle, knowing that there is a safe and comfortable place for them to rest when they need to.