Heat Pressed Bags, Fun Accident

Check out this very cool bag. The structure, form, and seal are all created using heat presses. It’s a single inexpensive process that yields some pretty good results. Reminds me of old school lunch bags my mom used to pack for me. They kept my hot foods hot and cold drinks cold. I’d love to see that come back. I can image guest artists design and screenprint limited edition runs. Any takers?

Designer: Gregor Timlin



  • V says:

    Gooddidea, but isit available?
    Will you be able to print on the bag?
    Will make a intresting festival bag..

    • KwangErn says:

      Totally agree! I think it’s a great concept that has lots of potential for events and such.

  • Willzville says:

    Nice idea, too bad it looks so ugly that it renders it useless.

    • ADD says:

      This bag and construction has tons of potential. Clever use of process that turns itself into an honest looking product that shows off where it came from.

      We can thank Willzville and others with no appreciation for straight forward, effective design for all the Pontiac Aztecs on the road.

  • Jade Doel says:

    In no way is this bag ugly. It is stunning! If it had an “LV” logo on it would it then be fashionable? I thought so. Great for high school end of year day; where every one signs each others year books, well why not sign each others bags!

    • butter says:

      If it had an LV logo, it would not “become” fashionable. If it was made out of the stock LV patterned leather, it would still not become fashionable. As you can tell, I think that most LV bags are not fashionable; they’re just plain bags made out of the same patterned material that have been artificially elevated to a status.

      I like this bag, though it needs some visual flair, where I think the DIY aspect would come in handy.

  • blipoids says:

    I’m surprised by the rate at which words like ‘quaint, atypical, distinct, odd, idiosyncratic’ become less and less ‘felt’ by some…

  • Fint says:

    Me crea la duda como se unen las partes, por ser mas preciso la parte de abajo.

    esta realmente linda, me hace acordar a los tubos de pasta d dientes =)

  • Demetrius says:

    Flat-Pack Back Pack?

  • ur_nos says:

    cooolllllll man!!! this is awesome!!!

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