This compact Anker 100W USB C Charger can juice up three gadgets at once

Anker 100W USB C Charger Details

Anker is a Chinese brand known for chargers and power banks. The company offers innovative and intelligent solutions to mobile consumers by providing quality products. In recent years, Anker has been changing the game in several ways.

The brand doesn’t just release more powerful power banks or faster chargers. Anker has also revolutionized charger design like that tiny 65W Gan Charger for laptops. It’s tiny, like the size of an ice cube.

Designer: Anker

Anker 100W USB C Charger

The new Anker 100W USB C Charger (Anker 736 Charger) was an honoree at the CES Innovation Awards (CES 2022) in the mobile devices and accessories category. It offers 100W ultra-fast charging for your laptop via a USB-C port. It is very powerful that you can charge three devices simultaneously, whether AirPods, iPhone or your MacBook.

The charger is 34% smaller than Apple’s 96W MacBook power brick charger. In addition, it’s powered by GaN II Technology which features an upgraded circuit board structure, stacked design, and 100% increase in operating frequency. Design-wise, this charge boasts an uncompromising finish as it is anti-static, smudge-proof, and scratch-resistant.

Anker 100W USB C Charger Release

The Anker charger is smaller but expect no drop of power. This 3-port fast and compact wall charger works with several devices like the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Google Pixelbook, Dell XPS, ThinkPad, iPad Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and the Galaxy S22 series. It’s not always true that the bigger the charger, the more powerful it is. That has been proven by the Anker Nano II chargers from last year, thanks to the Gallium Nitride technology.

This GaN II Technology allows higher power output even in very small forms. The new generation of chargers is coming from the previous 30W, 45W, and 65W. The latest charger can deliver 100W so imagine how fast it can be.

Anker 100W USB C Charger Features

The new Anker Nano II 100W GaN charger is the brand’s latest flagship charger. It can juice up a MacBook Pro and that is enough to convince us this tiny charger is really powerful. It’s super powerful that it can charge two more devices (three in total) at the same time. This means charging time can be cut since you don’t have to wait for charging to finish.

We’ve only featured a few fast chargers here like that OMNIA X Series which was once named the smallest Apple MFi-certified charging kit. There’s the Agile Travel Adapter that can power up to six devices. GaN technology is also implemented by the Spruce Charger.

Anker 100W USB C Charger Technology