With its pristine design, this watch makes you feel like you’re staring at an oceanic horizon


While time itself is a journey, it isn’t the only journey the Sennen hopes to take you on. The Sennen wristwatch is time and tourism wrapped into a uniquely tranquil package. Inspired by the rocky coast of the Cornish village of Sennen, the watch comes with a pristine design that’s as calming as watching waves crash against boulders.

Inspired by the harsh coast of the small village along the boundary of Cornwall in the UK, the Sennen Automatic wristwatch uses a minimal aesthetic with rounded edges, almost like the watch’s design, much like the rocks on the Cornish coast, were chiseled away and smoothened by the ocean’s rebuttals. The watch comes with a simplistic enamel dial that sports a color palette inspired by the different hues of the ocean water, and the rocks it collides against. Three hands point at the time, while metallic accents act as glimmering highlights against the single-tone body.

The idyllic simplicity of the Sennen’s face is contrasted by its exhibition back that lets you admire the watch’s Swiss movement. Powered by a Swiss-made STP1-11, the watch operates at 28’800 vibrations per hour and comes with a 44-hour reserve that gets replenished as you wear the watch, allowing your movements to translate into energy.

Each Sennen watch is crafted out of 316L stainless steel with an exquisite polished finish that matches the enamel dial’s brilliant gloss. A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal sits on both the front of the dial as well as around the back, while genuine Italian leather straps (available in full-grain as well as faux croc-pattern) suspend this ocean-inspired beauty across your wrists. Together, passing time and Sennen’s design collectively hold the power to take you on a unique journey, reminding you of the power and tranquility of waves crashing against rocky coasts, filling the air with the saline aroma of ocean water.

Designer: Will Martin of Firle Watches

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Sennen Automatic by Firle Watches – Swiss calibre: STP1-11

Inspired by the harsh Cornish coast, powered by a Swiss heart, this 10 ATM watch is a powerful heritage design honoring traditional watchmaking.

About Firle Watches

“Firle Watches takes its name from the Old English word fierol, meaning oak-covered land – a name that carries strength and integrity and a name that embodies our British heritage and landscape. The coastline that surrounds us here can often be fierce and powerful. These are the days we most look forward to – they force us to escape, and they bring with them possibility.” Will Martin, Founder of Firle Watches

The Sennen Automatic

The Sennen Automatic wristwatch takes design inspiration from some of the best watchmakers in the world such as FP Journe, IWC, Cartier, Laurent Ferrier, and H. Moser.

“The Sennen takes its name from the Cornish Cove located on mainland England’s most westerly point – Land’s End. Exposed, it takes a battering from the most extreme conditions. The result is one of the most beautiful, contrasting landscapes in the world. Sennen and Cornwall have, in my eyes, always been a place of staggering beauty and power. A haven which as a surfer, or a nature lover, you can get completely lost in. Ultimately, it is a place of inspiration and reflection. This captivating coast provided me with a space to create the framework and design for the Sennen Watch by Firle,” Martin told Yanko Design.

  The Design

The Sennen Automatic’s design is entirely unique; every part of it designed with absolute intent to create an incomparable piece.

Unsigned onion-shaped crown

THE CASE – The Sennen Automatic case features a beautifully rounded 41mm case, modeled after traditional pocket watches produced by watchmakers like Waltham and Breguet. Not only does a rounded case ensure comfort, but it is a wonderfully simple expression of nature.

THE CRYSTAL – The Sennen features an extremely high-grade scratch-resistant double-domed sapphire crystal, rather than the more common single-dome sapphire or mineral glass. This ensures that the watch can be viewed from any angle without creating any distortion of the dial. Furthermore, double-domed sapphire crystal increases the light luminosity on the dial, which creates a magnificent, radiant effect.

THE CASE BACK – The Sennen features an open case-back revealing the beautiful STP1-11 movement through a flat high-grade sapphire crystal. The case-back is held in place via six titanium screws. Furthermore, the watch is water-resistant up to 10ATM – 100 Meters / 330 Feet.

THE DIAL – Among all the exceptional features, the most recognizable component of the Sennen lives within its dial. The beautiful two-tiered enamel dial features five skillfully crafted and hand-placed hour indexes – plated, sloped and rounded, perfectly complemented with custom Assegai-spear-inspired hands.

The dials reflect the deep, saturated colors of the rugged coastline – The eerie blacks of the rock formations, the deep blues of the Atlantic Ocean, the whites of the sea foam and sand, and the greens that cover the coastline.

The only way to truly replicate the vivid depth of these tones was by using enamel on the dial surface. Similar to the grand-feu method of enameling, the enamel used on the Sennen uses a mixture of enamel glaze and fine glass compounds, which are repeatedly applied, heated and polished to achieve a perfect finish. The enamel provides the rich colors and the glass provides a shine comparable to the sun reflecting off the ocean. All of these different elements, weighted and balanced to perfection, finish off the classic yet modern design of ‘The Sennen’.

The Movement

The Sennen is powered by the Swiss-made calibre: STP1-11, an exquisite movement, specially selected for its thinness and quality.

The STP1-11, at only 4.6mm, is one of the thinnest automatics on the market, allowing the Sennen to remain incredibly slim with a case thickness of 10.4mm, or 11.7mm with the double-domed sapphire crystal. This ensures it sits extremely well on the wrist, without being at all cumbersome.

The STP1-11 is a high precision movement that operates at 28’800 vibrations per hour, 4 Hz and offers a 44-hour power reserve. The movement has a Perlage finish, and the rotor has a Côte de Geneve finish engraved with the Firle logo.

The Straps

Faux Crocodile Straps with Gold and Silver Buckles

All of the Sennen Automatic watches come with either: a faux crocodile print leather strap (genuine leather); a smooth Italian leather strap (genuine leather).

Smooth Calfskin Straps With Gold and Silver Buckles

Vintage Cowhide Straps: Cognac & Light Brown – Available with Gold or Silver Buckles

The Sennen Automatic can also be beautifully paired with our Vintage Cowhide Straps, which are designed to show signs of aging and distress -perfect for giving your watch a rugged look and feel.

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