World’s first 2 AC outlet 45W travel adapter simultaneously charges 6 devices + keeps you fast charged in over 150 countries!

This tiny travel adapter is a one-stop powerhouse – equipped with 2 AC Outlets, fast charging 45W QC/PD enabled Type C, and 3 USB ports; this one brick is here to charge them all.

Time to pull out those bucket lists and step up the wanderlust! The battle with COVID-19 is ongoing, but with most of us double-dosed with vaccines, the world is opening up for international travelers. Whether you choose to holiday, staycation or a workation – one thing is sure, you will need to keep your array of devices charged. And the one thing that does not spell relaxation to me is a tangle of cables. I am waiting for a day when the world goes wireless, and if you share my mild annoyance for keeping things simple, organized, and cable-free, the Agile Travel Adapter will be your best travel buddy!

Designer: iBlockCube

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Agile Travel Adapter provides a safe interface to plug all your gadgets into a power socket, no matter where on the face of the planet you are. International travelers who’ve gone through the frustration of figuring out which plug type fits where will appreciate the user-friendliness of this world’s first 2 AC Outlet 45W travel adapter. The freedom of fast charging electronics is a considerable time-saver. For example, Agile can charge your Macbook entirely in just an hour! That functionality is a lifesaver when you need to charge up your phone, tablet, or laptop with a flight to catch.

Designed by the pro travel adapter makers iBlockCube, the Agile international travel adapter raises the bar amongst the competition with its powerful charging capability and plenty of charging ports that’ll never leave you stranded. iBlockCube actually has a proven history with charging solutions, in 2019 they designed the Nimble: The world’s first 35W Dual Type C travel adapter. The Nimble’s success pushed them to create and give the audience a much better travel adapter that you can bring anywhere in the world.

Agile’s compact and durable form factor houses two AC ports – one for the US regions and a Universal one for use with any plug type in the world. So, basically, you’ll be able to power appliances that have US plugs such as hair dryers, iron, or MacBook. On top of that, the travel adapter has 6 ports in total with the above-mentioned dual AC ports, 1 USB Type-C port, and 3 Type-A USB ports. That means you can juice up your essential gadgets, including the ones that support power delivery (PD).

The high-power 45W port of the adapter covers all your appliances that require 30 Watts power for efficient usage, and, of course, modern mobile devices like Nintendo Switch or gaming smartphones that come with high power requirements and fast charging capabilities. To put things in perspective, this high-power port can charge 2.5x faster than the usual stock charger you find at home.

Safety is another concern that most international travelers worry about. Plugging in adapters to unsafe outlets in hotels is not something one can predict, putting the gadgets at risk of damage. Agile has got that covered with the 10A fuse system for protection against short circuits, overcharging, overheating, or supply overcurrent. The travel adapter is compliant with the highest safety standards since it comes with CE & FCC certifications. In addition, the auto-reset feature means there is no need to change the fuse in an event when you draw too much power. The adapter is made out of a fire-resistant PC and has a sliding safety cover to protect children and pets from accidental electric shocks.

Agile’s lightweight, compact and power-packed design means you can carry it in your go-to bag. To put it into perspective, it merges 3 different products – a USB charger, a travel adapter, and a power adapter (for your laptop) in a neat little cube. So, why deal with the hassle of carrying multiple travel adapters when a compact one can do the job efficiently! Use all the extra space and weight you save in your luggage to bring back home that one extra souvenir you always have to sacrifice. The Agile Travel Adapter has got your back!

Click Here to Buy Now: $40 $58 (33% off). Hurry, only 46/100 left!