Stem concept is a wireless charger, candle warmer, lamp in one

Most people probably love products that serve more than one purpose. While there are things that can just be one thing in your life, if you can use it for other things, then it’s definitely a bonus. This is especially true if you live in a small space or if you’re trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle. It’s even more of a bonus if the purposes of the object or device are both functional and decorative as it hits even more birds with just one stone, or in this case, one “stem”.

Designer: Ugly Duckling

Stem is a concept for a product that can serve as three things for you: a wireless charger, a scented candle warmer, and a mood light. They cannot be used all at the same time though as the mood light function is unlocked when you turn it upside down. But if you wanted your room to smell nice and then later on power up your smartphone, you can use both functions in the same position. Being both functional and decorative are plus points for this concept.

At first glance, it looks really more like an incense candle warmer with its basket-weave-looking pattern that serves as the cover for the scented candles you’ll place on the table. But the top part is the more gadget-y part as it’s where the wireless charger is located. So you just place your smartphone on top of the Stem and it should power up. Of course you can’t have the candle burning and your phone charging at the same time as that can be dangerous for your gadget’s health.

When you turn it upside down, you’ll get a small lamp for your bedroom or living room. It will not be enough to help you read a book or write something in your notebook but it can add a relaxing ambience for when you’re trying to wind down at the end of a long day. The product renders show off three colors: green, orange, and blue. They are the more muted side of the colors and they should appeal to those who prefer the darker side of these shades.