Quanta Vici jackets and gloves let you choose how warm you want to be

You no longer have to be stuck between hot and cold with this range of fashionable smart thermal clothing that lets you pick your preferred toasty temperature.

You might debate the actual causes, but it’s hard to argue that the weather has been pretty irregular and out of sync in the past years. Seasons extend beyond their normal dates, and temperatures can go to extremes. For those that have to deal with cold weather, be it by force or by recreational choice, the selection of clothing to keep them from freezing to death is wide but shallow. There isn’t much flexibility in how you are able to keep warm, and you’ll mostly have to either pile up more layers or take them off, depending on how you feel. We are living in a smart, tech-centric world, however, so there’s little reason why our winter clothes have to stay that way. Thankfully, someone did finally put two and two together to create a line of thermal clothing that isn’t just smart but also guilt-free.

Designer: Adrien Beyk of Quanta Vici

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Winter wear is mostly designed to trap your own body heat to keep you warm, and that’s pretty much it. If the cold becomes too much to bear, all you can do is wear more layers to the point that you become an immovable pin cushion. You can’t really go anywhere in between, much less opt for a slightly “chill” temperature if you’re the type that likes a tiny bit of cold. Heaters and thermostats can do that for rooms and cars, but not for clothing, at least until now.

Quanta Vici’s new thermal clothing lineup brings that freedom and flexibility to thermal jackets, vests, and gloves. You can actually select on your smartphone how warm you want to feel or how cold you want to be. Better yet, the built-in thermostat from the “Smart” range can automatically do that for you, detecting the temperature inside the clothing in order to maintain that perfect level that you chose.

Although these features may sound geeky, Quanta Vici’s apparel looks anything but. In fact, the jackets and especially the gloves look completely fashionable, something that wouldn’t look out of place on a catwalk. The gloves, in particular, make use of animal-free vegan-friendly leather, so you don’t have to feel guilty about wearing such a luxurious-looking accessory. It’s also friendly to your phone’s touch screen, so you don’t have to worry about freezing your finger off just to use your device.

Both the slim jacket and the vest, which come in different styles for guys and gals, are made from recycled polyester, continuing that theme of sustainability. Even the zippers are recycled, so you can enjoy the warmth that the smart jackets give while also feeling good about your positive impact on the environment. The clothing is washable, but you’ll have to remember to remove the battery first before you do.

The Quanta Vici smart thermal clothing line is exclusive to Kickstarter and starts at $149 for the “base” range, while the “smart” line with the built-in thermostat starts at $179. But with this one-time Kickstarter-exclusive flash sale, you can get any single Smart product, be it the jacket, vest, or glove, for only $159.

Elegant, effective, and environment-friendly, Quanta Vici’s smart heated slim jackets and leather gloves demonstrate the true meaning of wearables without going overboard on the tech.

Click Here to Buy Now: $184 $410 (54% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!