Top 10 Apple Watch Accessories To Give Your Beloved Smartwatch A Super Cool Revamp

Today, the Apple Watch is considered one of the most popular smartwatches globally, and it’s not a surprising fact when you consider the number of people you see walking or jogging on the street with their Apple Watch smartly strapped around their wrists. And, if you’re someone who absolutely cannot do without their Apple Watch, then this collection of innovative and nifty accessories is for you. From NASA-themed Apple Watch bands to bands made from plant-based leather – these super cool accessories are a must-have for Apple Watch lovers.

1. RSTR Case

Designed by Golden Concept, the RSTR Case features a beautiful transparent crystalline design that converts your Apple Watch Ultra into a shimmering jewel that you can wear on your wrist and show off. The case is available in four beautiful colors and is built using 50 meticulously engineered parts. Both the home and action buttons are crafted from stainless steel, making them slightly larger and easier to use.

2. The (Re)Classic Band

The (Re)Classic Band for Apple Watch is a cruelty-free Italian leather-inspired band. The band is made using repurposed mycelium, which is essentially fungal threads that span long distances underground, from which mushrooms blossom and grow out. It is one of the many all-natural resources utilized in the synthesis of Yatay by Coronet.

3. Sandmarc’s Apple Watch Ultra Band

Designed by Sandmarc, this Apple Watch Ultra Band is an Oyster-style that is made from grade-2 titanium. It features the perfect color and finish to match the Apple Watch Ultra. All you need to do is slip the band on, and the extreme smartwatch converts into a luxurious-looking haute timepiece.

4. TimePorter

Twelve South’s TimePorter is the ultimate organizer for your Apple Watch straps. It holds and showcases all your watch straps on an easy-to-access linear shelf, and can transform your Watch Strap collection into a displayable art piece that allows you to flex your straps the way people flex their sneaker collection!

5. Mark_B_Case

Dubbed the innovative Mark_B_Case , this unique design is intended to power your Apple Watch and keep it functioning without missing a beat. The case features a 450mAh battery, which extends your Apple Watch’s utility by three times more. The case is designed to be more than an ordinary Powerbank case and is instead a sleek masterpiece that incorporates your Apple Watch as a case.

6. Hermès Apple Watch Bands

Hermès has launched a variety of roughly 20 leather band variants for the newly released Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2. The brand also released a variety of other designs, colors, and materials, which provide a quick and cool update for your wrist. This collection includes four new styles that have been inspired by luxurious textiles.

7. Y24 Apple Watch Cases

This collection of Apple Watch cases is designed by Y24, and it is a price-friendly collection that draws inspiration from the lifestyle of Tokyo. The unique collection perfectly captures the cool vibe of the city, and they’re designed to provide an innovative identity without compromising on or sacrificing Apple’s originality.

8. HiRise 3 Deluxe

Dubbed the HiRise 3 Deluxe, this MagSafe-certified accessory is designed by Twelve South and can charge your iPhone up to 15W. It features a unique and adjustable MagSafe pad, which offers a 35-degree angle shift to support optimal viewing. It favors a front-to-back arrangement, unlike the usual side-by-side layout.

9. NASA-themed Apple Watch Straps

MobyFox’s Apple Watch straps come in seven diverse NASA-approved designs that you can choose from. They come along with 20+ watch faces to match. The straps are built from sweat and UV-resistant silicone, and they feature a large range of graphical elements that surround NASA’s rebranding over the ages.

10. Nomad Sport Band

Nomad released its latest limited-edition glow-in-the-dark Apple Watch Sport Band which features a cool green phosphorescence. It redefines the way you approach intense workouts and everyday styles. The band will be the perfect companion in your athletic and modern journey during the day and night.