This futuristic Wrangler is a cross between the classic Jeep and Hummer EV

The Jeep Wrangler YJ made its first appearance at the Chicago Auto Show in 1986, and the first consumer-oriented model rolled off the production lines in 1987. The 4×4 has not looked back ever since, as off-road adventure junkies swear by its power and reliability. This all-wheel drive has carried over its predecessor’s DNA in quite a lot of ways, and now is the time for a major overhaul in the look.

Arjun Kurunji has created a bold reinterpretation of the Wrangler both on the inside and the outside. This concept is a facelift beyond anything we could have bargained for, and whether you’ll like it or not, is thoroughly subjective. Arjun has gone all guns blazing as far as taking a bold design detour for the Wrangler is concerned. Looks like, he has taken inspiration from competitors including GMC Hummer EV, Land Rover Defender, or the Toyota FJ Cruiser. In fact, this ultra-modern take of the Wrangler looks like an amalgam of all these amazing four-wheelers in a way – of course with the Jeep’s DNA still intact.

Designer: Arjun Kurunji

This concept makes the controversial move of ditching the iconic rounded lights of the mid-sized Jeep, and go with the more subdued square headlights, in tune with the futuristic automotive designs. That irresistible boxy shape is still a part of this creation, and I appreciate it totally. Design inspiration for The Next Wrangler (yes, that’s what it is christened) comes from the modern gaming consoles and rechargeable batteries. The designer is no way shy of highlighting this rare union between automotive design and consumer electronics.

All this while preserving the military heritage, classic seven-slot grille, and elongated nose of the off-roader. Arjun believes his creation is an “ideation in the direction of the old face with a new attitude.” The swanky exterior of this futuristic Wrangler is well complimented by the airy 5-seater interiors that boast panoramic windows on all sides. Whether or not Jeep will consider such a radical change in the look of the 4×4, still this automotive design could catch the eye of other car makers who are looking for inspirations of their own. Still if ever, Jeep considers such a facelift, it will only happen in the future.