New Klipsch speaker system delivers best-in-class audio in modern mid-Century style

Klipsch Heritage ProMedia 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System Setup

Klipsch is a brand known for premium audio devices. The company never fails to deliver top-notch speaker systems. Klipsch products include audio solutions ideal for the workstation, home office, or gaming station.

The Klipsch ProMedia Heritage 2.1 Heritage multimedia speaker system is part of the Heritage Wireless Series. The new system combines the classic design introduced by Paul W. Klipsch and the right acoustics plus the latest audio technologies. The brand is known for its performance-first engineering philosophy. It takes advantage of proprietary acoustic technology.

Designer: Klipsch

Klipsch Heritage ProMedia 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System Setup Sample

Klipsch Heritage ProMedia 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System Black

As with most speaker systems from Klipsch, this one is easy to set up. It’s easy to use and is promised to offer optimum performance. It doesn’t need any external amplification because the audio is powerful. In addition, it allows wireless streaming over Bluetooth connectivity, so you can stream from your tablet, phone, or computer.

The system includes a speaker with 1” soft dome tweeters on Tractrix horns and a 3” long-throw woofer. Klipsch acoustics’ efficiency and precision are made possible by proprietary technology. The system also includes a 100W amplifier and an 8” subwoofer. All these and more offer an immersive sound experience.

Klipsch Heritage ProMedia 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System Features

Klipsch Heritage ProMedia 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System Specs

The Klipsh ProMedia Heritage 2.1 Heritage System comes with several accessories like a standard RCA input and RCA, 3.5mm auxiliary cable, plus a wireless remote. Two wood finishes are available: Walnut and Black Ash. Price reads $349, but you can buy lower on Costco for only $239.99 (member price).

The ProMedia Heritage 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System offers the best-in-class bass with an 8-inch subwoofer. The amplifier allows the deepest bass while looking really lovely with its mid-century style. The all-black version appears to be very simple. The walnut version looks more stylish, though with the wood and gray color combination. Another version combines the wood case and the black speaker grille.

Klipsch Heritage ProMedia 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System Images

What makes Klipsch a great choice is its audio performance. But, of course, it doesn’t hurt the design is also outstanding. Acoustics pioneer and Klipsch Audio founder Paul W. Klipsch knew what he was doing. He wanted to bring together power, emotion, and details to every music experience, so he started a brand that combined real engineering, efficient speaker designs, and handcrafted cabinetry. Klipsch offers premium quality audio products from headphones to speakers. It also serves audiophiles and professionals doing home theaters, cinemas, and more.

Klipsch Heritage ProMedia 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System Release

We remember Klipsch for its passion for design and acoustic. A few years ago, there was the Klipsch European Design Competition that urged many creatives and industrial designers to share their product designs. The contest was mainly for The Klipsch Heritage line.