Spair – Hanging Chair by &Made Studio

The spair was designed for the open plan enviroment, where space has no defined functionality. The spair sits on the wall as a decorative tableau which is totally personalisable. When unfolded it creates a comfy chair for those moments when there just aren’t enough chairs.

Designer: &Made


  • sbanish says:

    That’s strange…this exact idea was presented on Dutch national TV as a candidate for the best design of Holland. I’m pretty sure the girl who invented that idea ws first, second…her idea was nicer because that was a real painting transformed to a chair..this is a bad copy…

  • Par Bergstrom says:

    This concept have been done by a Swedish designer Jesper Ståhl in 1994 while at Royal college of Art London.
    It was produced by Blå Station under the name Point Chair.

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