This minimalist, unibody dog house is made using hot press machines from metallic elements + felt coverings

The Cottage dog house is a minimalist dog house made from metallic elements and eco-friendly felt coverings.

Your dog deserves a corner of the home to call its own. Whether that means creating your own pillow fort around your dog’s bed or buying the latest, greatest dog house that only fits in the backyard, it’s up to you. Typically, dogs aren’t too fussy and they’ll find comfort wherever there’s a hint of it–on your lap or under the couch. The Cottage dog house from LSY and Jaeyeon Choi is a new kind of minimalist dog house that taps into comfort with a felt covering and sturdy build.

Designers: LSY . x Jaeyeon Choi

Like a traditional cottage, the dog house maintains a simple frame and homey appearance. Consisting of only three main parts, the Cottage dog house is formed around a weighty base that supports an internal cushion for resting, while an A-frame felt house covers everything. The internal cushion is meant to provide ultimate comfort for your canine friend and the removable roof allows for open-air or semi-enclosed sleeping.

Constructed on a hot press machine, the felt covering drapes over the metallic roof for a soft, plush exterior that feels warm and fuzzy to the touch. The hot press machine adheres the felt covering to the metallic roof for seamless covering and water cutting machinery is used to cut the felt down to precise corners and edges.

The felt used to cover the dog house is eco-friendly by design as it’s biodegradable and low-impact. The felt also provides soundproof features so that your dog can rest in peace day or night. The eco-friendly material also boasts a long life cycle so your dog will be able to enjoy its own tiny little home for as long as it needs.

The cottage consists of three parts: base, cushion, and house.  Of course, various combinations of various colors are possible.”

The cottage is made of ‘hot press’ method which takes the felt with high-temperature casting.  It is strong enough for an adult man to stay on the roof and maintain shape.”