What’s a Library with no Books in it?

Books are obsolete! Says the new knowledge seeker who learns by barraging themselves with internets. But I learn by turning the page! Says the traditional reader. That’s just it! Mattis Myhra imagines a library of the future where students of all learning disciplines can gather together in education,

(books included.)

Myhra suggests that these two people : the book reader and the, shall we say, modern reader, are divided by lines of age. I suggest otherwise. I’ve got a sister that doesn’t read blogs of any sort – while my mother, on the other hand, has just joined Facebook. We live in a transitional period. Everyone is learning differently.

On to the library!

Myhra’s concept is a building where all people can gather and supply themselves with words! As you’ll read with the examples below, each element combined creates what amounts to a full-blown community center. This place is a giant. Multi-leveled, (as all great libraries should be), ready for the future, and full of possibility.

This library is made to be set in Bjørvika – a harbour in Oslo, Norway. But from what I’m seeing here, it’d be home in many cities around the world.

What would you like to see in your ideal city library?

Designer: Mattis Myhra