Adaptable Onli Travel Revolution Modular Bag System – Helps Relieve the Stress of Travel

Never lose your cool again while traveling with this flexible bag system, which lets you be the boss of your stuff, not the other way around! It’s a modular 3-part bag that adapts on the fly to the challenges travel throws at you.

Even the most relaxing vacation travel can get stressful hours or even days before leaving, all because of having to prepare for spending time away from the comforts of home. In addition to trying to figure out how much or how little to bring, travelers also have to take into account the kind of bag to use for the trip. Whether it’s a long vacation out of town or a simple trip back home for Thanksgiving, people tend to carry different bags for different occasions. And that’s not even considering the traveling you’ll be doing around your destination. If you find yourself pulling your hair out over all these considerations, then you might want to consider getting this three-part modular four-wheel spinner/backpack system, which covers all your travel bag needs, whether you need a larger suitcase to roll around or a slim backpack to carry for shorter trips or around town.

Designers: Dave Logan and Kyle Logan

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We need a suitcase when traveling for more than a few days, but we often also need a smaller bag for shorter trips during that period. Sometimes, however, we just need a weekender to get us through a couple of days away, plus a laptop bag to work at a cafe or even at a park. The most obvious solution to this would be to have a bag for each of those cases, but that only multiplies your problems rather than reduces them. What if you had, instead, a single bag that catered to all those needs? Or better yet, what if you had a set of bags that functioned as a whole or separately, depending on what you needed?

Building on its successful initial product in 2019, Onli Travel is now bringing forth its new Revolution Rolling Pack to deliver that solution. Just like its predecessor, the system is composed of three modular bags that you can combine together in different ways or use apart as the case warrants. All three together make up a large suitcase that you can roll or carry as a backpack, but the front Messenger Tote Pack and the rear Expandable Daypack can also be detached and used separately or combined and expanded into a larger Weekender backpack for shorter periods of time away from home.

Those aren’t the only features this system has, of course. A notable upgrade is the change from a two-wheel roller-board to a four-wheel “spinner,” making it effortless to pull or push the luggage in any direction (including sideways down airplane aisles). When space constraints require it, you can easily collapse the telescopic handle and throw the luggage on your back as well, as it also works as a travel backpack.

If there’s not enough space on the airplane, you can take the modules apart so that they can fit in tighter spaces in the overhead. (The front unit has even been designed to strap to the tray on the seat in front of you, converting to an in-flight workstation to make your time in the middle seat tolerable!) And, of course, there’s an array of perfectly thought out pockets and compartments to help you ergonomically organize anything and everything you need for quick access while you travel.

Left: Messenger Tote Pack. Right: Expandable Daypack.

Each part of the Travel Revolution system is specially designed for different travel scenarios or to solve problems encountered while traveling. The four-wheel Expandable Spinner, for example, can expand to accommodate more stuff if you buy things on your trip and has side pockets to stash an umbrella or water bottle; the Expandable Daypack opens flat for easier inspection at security checkpoints and allows you to access contents easily like a suitcase; And the Messenger Tote Pack can be worn as a tote, messenger bag, or backpack, and has room for both a 17-inch laptop and a tablet. With the Onli Travel Revolution, you finally have a bag that adapts to fit your travel needs and reduces the stress of travel.

Even the Onli 8-cube packing cube system helps – in addition to anticipating what you need to bring, Onli designed it to perfectly fit the bag and utilize the space, so you don’t have to worry about whether it will fit!

According to Onli Travel, the future of luggage is modular. After looking at this design, let the modular revolution begin!

Click Here to Buy Now: $319 $439 (27% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $170,000.