Ergonomic Portable Seat promotes correct sitting posture all the time

Having an ergonomic seat is important not only for children but also for adults. Getting a comfortable chair for study or work is essential, but it may not be enough. You need something that you can use anytime, anywhere if you want to maintain correct posture all the time.

No, you can’t bring your chair everywhere. What you can have instead is something like this Ergonomic Portable Seat. The new product design is mainly for those working at home since this kind of remote work setup is becoming the usual environment for many people.

Designers: Farhan Syahmi and Shah Alam

Ergonomic Portable Seat 1

Ergonomic Portable Seat Concept

Ergonomic Portable Seat is actually a project of two student designers for their product design course. Farhan Syahmi and Shah Alam made the special seater intending to offer comfort while sitting during long hours at work. You can move it with you to sit on your work chair, the sofa, and even on the floor.

Sometimes, you just need to have a different view when working at home. It’s okay to move around but make sure your comfort is not compromised. You can move to the dining table or maybe out to the patio. Perhaps you can choose to work by the pool or the beach. Wherever you decide to work for the day, just bring this Ergonomic Portable Seat with you.

Ergonomic Portable Seat 3

The Ergonomic Portable Seat is mainly a backrest with lumbar padding. This promotes ergonomic seating posture to help improve work abilities while at home. It’s user-friendly, multi-functional, and portable The product also comes with a storage tray compartment at the rear of the backrest. It comes with an adjustable hinge that provides the flexibility of user comfort. There is also a flexible strap to contain the sea in one unit form.

Ergonomic Portable Seat 3

Ergonomic Portable Seat 2

The seat cushion is made of polyester material. The outside form is yellowish pearl, giving a more elegant yet modern appearance. The main case of the seating is made of Polyurethane plastic to offer a support structure that also ensures strength to the body shell of the seats.

The Ergonomic Portable Seat features a clamshell design. This makes the product easy to carry and use anywhere. The intention is to promote proper posture, which many people forget, especially in remote settings.

Ergonomic Portable Seat 5

Good posture is a must as this helps improve one’s well-being and health. It’s an admirable goal, but some people need help and be reminded. Hopefully, the Ergonomic Portable Seat will be a valuable reminder.

The form of the seat encourages you to sit properly. We’ve seen something similar but what makes this better is its portability. You can fold it and carry it anywhere without being too bulky. If you can bring your laptop with you, you can also bring this portable seat.

Ergonomic Portable Seat Sketches 2

Ergonomic Portable Seat Sketches 2

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Ergonomic Portable Seat Details

Ergonomic Portable Seat Project

Ergonomic Portable Seat Design