Issey Miyake TO Watch updated with all-light gold, all-silver, and all-black finish

Issey Miyake TO Watch Light Gold Details

Issey Miyake comes up with another iconic watch that we believe will sell fast. This Japanese fashion brand is known for perfumes and technology-driven designs, whether clothes or watches.

Issey Miyake watches have gained popularity through the years for their unique and catchy designs. Just recently, the ISSEY MIYAKE Please Watch was re-released. Earlier designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, the watch is arriving once again with the signature round case and an elegant design. This time around, the brand has updated the “TO” watch.

Designer: Tokujin Yoshioka

Issey Miyake TO Watch Light Gold Finish

Issey Miyake TO Watch Light Gold Design

The Issey Miyake TO Watch appears to have been carved out of metal. The newest version is set with a light gold finish, so it looks more elegant. The whole timepiece is in the same finish, from the matching straps to the 38mm case.

This Issey Miyake TO Watch makes use of a Seiko VJ20 Quartz movement. It will be out in May with a ¥46,200 price tag ($359). Designer Tokujin Yoshioka has a background in architecture, design, and contemporary, which we can see in this new watch. He used to study design under Issey Miyake, so he knows how the person and the brand value design and aesthetics.

Issey Miyake TO Watch Silver

An Issey Miyake TO Watch in Silver is also available. Both versions reflect the designer’s unique approach to design. The minimal design elements are present, which add to the beauty and simplicity of the watch. An all-black version will also be available in the coming months.

The watch looks like a beautiful sculpture or a work of art. It makes use of Seiko’s advanced technology in watch-making. There is a crown on the right, but it’s not that obvious when you look straight into the watch face. The effect is a smooth watch with a hidden crown. We’re assuming you’d need to pull the crown first for it to work and be able to adjust the time. The dial appears to have a recessed portion separated into two discs. The hour and minute hands are on the rotating discs.

Issey Miyake TO Watch Light Gold

The previous version of the Issey Miyake TO Watch came with leather straps. It looks beautiful and timeless already, but the new model with the same finish is a different level of elegance and style. It seems Issey Miyake is re-releasing more old models with more modern designs. We like the idea because it allows watch collectors get the watches they couldn’t get a hold of but are now upgraded or are better-looking.

Issey Miyake TO Watch Light Gold Design

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