ISSEY MIYAKE Please Watch re-release is happening

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ISSEY MIYAKE is a fashion brand more famous for its perfume line. The Japanese fashion designer is also known for technology-driven clothing designs and one-of-a-kind watches.

The designer has also ventured into the watches arena. At one point, the Issey Miyake style inspired the designer of the Objest Watch. There is also the conceptual Issey Miyake watch that was then inspired by the famous perfume bottle from the brand.

Designer: Jasper Morrison

ISSEY MIYAKE Please Watch Features

Today, we’re learning about the ISSEY MIYAKE Please Watch, designed by Jasper Morrison. Like the previous watches we have seen from the brand, this one also comes with a round case and an elegant design. It was inspired by the Pleats Collection, showing off a three-dimensional pleated fold design. We see the layers on the dial, strap, and indexes–making for a simple yet timeless look.

The colors and the shading appear like pleats on a piece of clothing. The rose-gold bezels match the hands and the branding. There is only one basic crown used for changing the minutes and hours.

ISSEY MIYAKE Please Watch Dial

Jasper Morrison designed the not-so-new ISSEY MIYAKE Please Watch. The British designer Jasper Morrison is known in Paris and in Tokyo where he has a design office. However, there is the London headquarters where most of the magic happens. It is where he designs tableware, furniture, lighting, kitchen utensils, and electronic equipment. Morrison has also tried public space design, so creating a clock and a watch is not surprising.

Jasper Morrison has previously teamed up with other Japanese brands, so this is nothing new. Morrison’s team up with Issey Miyake is expected to be a success and a success it will be as this is actually just a re-release of the Limited Edition PLEASE by Jasper Morrison from 2013. Almost a decade later, it will make waves once again in the watch industry that is slowly being saturated by smartwatches.

ISSEY MIYAKE Please Watch Price

The design is the same: three-dimensional pleated folds on the band, markers, and the dial. The design appears delicate, but the color combination actually shows strength. The copper parts are actually pink gold which looks really good on black. The 2022 version is also available in limited quantity, so you may plan to grab one right away.

The ISSEY MIYAKE Please Watch re-release is this week. The old version used to be available in different colors: black, white, red, green, silver, and blue. Each color arrived then with silver bezels and hands, but they have been discontinued already.

This more modern version comes in stainless steel with Hardlex glass material. It measures 40mm (diameter) and 9.5mm (thickness) and shows time display complete with hours and minutes. It also now offers enhanced water resistance for daily use and a battery that can last up to three years.

ISSEY MIYAKE Please Watch Release

The ISSEY MIYAKE Please Watch will be available in select Issey Miyake stores in Japan like those in Aoyama, Daikanyama, Ginza, Tokyo, Sibuya, Marunouchi, Kobe, and Kyoto among others. The watch is available beginning April 8, 2022, Friday. It will come with watch links with a repeating pattern on the all-black stainless steel finish that actually matches the pattern on the dial.

It uses VJ20 quartz movement and boasts a standard 3-year battery life. The price is set at ¥40,700, which is about $328 in the US. This special ISSEY MIYAKE Please Watch is once again available in limited quantity, although there is no mention of how many exactly.

ISSEY MIYAKE Please Watch Launch