Lyric Handheld Massager is one smart massage therapy tool

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Health and wellness ought to be a priority for everyone. It’s actually a good goal, but few people know what to do. Eating right and working out is the usual advice, but those tips are not exactly easy to do. But if you do work out, you are aware that there will still be body pains. As you work to improve your body, you will need to recover. This new massage device will help improve mobility and overall health.

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You can’t just work out without rest as the body needs to recover. To help aid muscle recovery, getting a massage is a good idea. You may also get an electronic massager as it is easy to use. The Lyric Therapeutic Massager is a new device that offers innovative massage therapy. This special tool can help you find a rhythm of wellness. It is very lightweight and sleek, and stylish with its minimalist aesthetic.Lyrics Handheld Massager Touchscreen

This looks like most massage guns we’ve seen, but this one comes in a sleeker form and different colors. The color choices look more relaxing and calming, so you can relax already by looking at them. The Lyric massager looks like a Bluetooth speaker, so don’t be confused. This one will not play your favorite music but will offer temporary relief from pain and relaxation to every body.

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Lyric uses Rhythm Therapy to stimulate your nervous system. This works by combining movement and touch with vibroacoustic frequencies. The Lyric Massager can be customized based on a person’s preferences and needs.

Self-care is accessible when you have a Lyric Massager. It comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use touchscreen. You can take advantage of pre-set massage therapies easily with a few clicks. There is also a collection of step-by-step therapies for a guided experience. These therapies can help provide temporary pain relief, energy, and calmness.

Lyrics Handheld Massager Features

Lyrics Handheld Massager Stone

Lyric comes with an elevated design plus a very compact docking station. It comes with interchangeable tips (aka massage attachments) for different massage effects and treatments. You can also choose on the screen the target area to be massaged, whether Hand, Chest, Foot, or Back. Don’t think the massage is too short because it comes with an extension handle for hard-to-reach areas. You won’t have any problem holding and using the Lyric because of its slim build and lightweight design.

Lyrics Handheld Massager Functions

The Lyric Massager will also work with a companion app. It’s not available yet, but the mobile app will include a library of massage programs. You can also upload new content and manage favorites on the app via WiFi.

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