Samsung Galaxy S III keeps nature theme with penguins and sprouts!

If you’ve got a Galaxy S III in your pocket, you’re already aware the the folks at Samsung made a lovely nature-themed user interface for you to work – now the green cases come flowing in. Designer Cho Yeong Jae brings on both the Icy Series and the Buddy Rooty case for you lovers of kawaii and the not-oft-seen headphone jack plug – make it mini seal!

Look at these little guys, would you? Both case combos are meant to remind you that we live on a fragile planet while they protect you Android smartphone in style. Both case combos protect the bulk of your device with cushiony materials that both pad and create a relaxing feeling for your hand. And the sprout and little animals for your headphone jack are simply cute as can be!

These designs are currently in their conceptual stages of life, so you won’t be able to buy them – yet! Let us know if you’d love such cuties for yourself!

Designer: Cho Yeong Jae