Free Form Ruler

The Free Form Ruler enables you to measure the length by “drawing” an invisible line, straight or curved. The unit of measurement is displayed and can be adjusted at the top. What a brilliant idea! Where was this when I was in design school? I studied fashion design and all the straight edge and french rulers in the world probably couldn’t have given me measurements as accurate as this concept proposes.

Designer: Monocomplex


  • Hunter says:

    That Is So Cool!I Need One lol

  • James says:

    And if I want to draw a straight line, would I not need to use a ruler anyway? There's not a lot of info about the workings of it. It has an LED inside it? Wouldn't that be rather expensive of a pencil to buy if you break it or it runs out and you need a new one? I mean, expensive compared to a normal pencil and a normal ruler. And for those who are left handed, have they got to adapt to an upside down right handed world again?

    • Ashley says:

      1) No, you could use a straight edge or obtain some level of artistic skills.

      2) It's not a legitimate pencil, so it wouldn't break. You don't draw with it; you measure with it.

      3) You pay more for accuracy, always.

      4) Um, no. You hold it in your left hand. It's not that difficult.

      • James says:

        1) why would I need to go hunting to find a straight edge when a ruler does the job? Some level of artistic skill to draw a perfectly straight line without a ruler? Are you joking? I've been in the art and design business for many years, even artists at the top of their game can't draw straight lines freehand, and they don't need to. That is a ludicrous statement. If this pencil is targeted towards people who can draw straight lines without a ruler, then sales will be grim.

        2) even pens break, and if it's made out of wood like it appears then yes it would. You don't draw with this pencil, you only use it for measuring? So carpenters and architects will use this…..but they won't use rulers either because they never have a need for them?

        3) or I could pay the same amount and just use a normal pencil and a ruler as I'd need an object to draw a straight line with this anyway. I would guess that every modern building in the world was initially measured with a pencil and a ruler, so they seem to be fairly accurate to me! Unless a few skyscrapers are in danger of falling down without this super accurate pencil?

        4) no, it's not difficult to hold a pencil in your left hand, but the measurements would be upside down. Obviously a statement made by a right handed person.

        The idea is nice as a concept but it clearly has no real world use once you start looking into its flaws. Novelty value certainly, but for carpenters, artists, architects, graphic designers etc, a normal pencil and ruler will always be of more use. How many builders do you know who measure everything who keep a pencil behind their ear and lose it? I'm just thinking practicality. Laser guides exist now but the good old spirit level is still very much making stuff straight even if it's not quite as accurate.

        • ahms says:

          Its a concept, relax

          • in good company says:

            I can understand his viewpoint, he was just giving some alternative view points on how the designer could think up different ideas and help us understand it better. As a designer myself I know how helpful it is to get constructive ideas. Then the remarks he got were a tad condescending about people who have artistic skill don't need rulers, pencils never break, you don't draw with this pencil even though no one measures in curves and him being told it's not difficult to hold a pencil in your left hand. Sounds like Ashley is the pencil designer and a bit defensive! haha.

          • Ashley says:

            I'm not the designer in any way; I just hate people who completely disregard a legitimate and wonderful idea.
            Also, left-handed people are in the minority, so why should products be designed specifically for them? It sucks, but that's the way life works.
            This isn't a pencil. It's a pencil-like object. It implies that in the description with the comment “invisible line”.

            The point isn't even to measure straight lines! The point is no measure non-straight lines that can't be measured with a ruler.

            The original poster just got his panties in a bunch because he would have to read upside-down in order to use the pencil. It's a shame such a good idea gets disregarded because he throws a fit.

    • Eric says:

      Surely you’re not this dense.
      This is not a pencil, nor is it a pen, it’s a measuring tool. Why not use a conventional ruler? Because that ruler won’t give accurate measurements of intricate and curved shapes. Try using a ruler to measure the length of a mountain road drawn on a map, and you’ll perhaps appreciate the value and function of this kind of tool.

  • August says:

    It's not as pretty, but until this product becomes available, you can always get the ugly Home Depot version for $50.

  • sang says:

    haha.brilliant as the point of view as the concept product.

  • Fowler says:

    This would be great for ship navigation. Working with charts would be made easier.

    Plot the course, run the ruler, etc. This may have quite a following in certain sailing circles. I wonder if there would be some way to dynamically set the measurement to the chart's scale…

  • izxfar says:

    wow… it's really practical…

  • anon says:

    I'm still having trouble understanding the real need for this product. Aside from the technological issues, it's use seems to be a fancy ruler that would be at least 100 times the cost. As for nautical circles, there are already an analog & digital rolling scales available. Maybe I'm old fashioned but this level of thought should be focused on something that actually has a real use.

  • everlastingz says:

    i assume that the tip is some ball-point tip that will roll. otherwise there's no way anyone can measure the length whatsoever.

  • xerry says:

    very good design,i like it!

  • xerry says:

    very good design,i like it!

  • meira says:

    I really like this, all it needs is a lazer light to show a straight edge 😀

  • Donny Walden says:

    i want one now where can i find it?

  • Nick says:

    This type of device is called a curvimeter, and they've been around for a long time.

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  • marmoter says:

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  • Sky Elliott says:

    what’s the price and where to buy?

  • Holly says:

    Oh my God, how dense are you?

    It is a ruler, not a pencil made of wood. It will not break in half. It will most likely malfunction because it is an electronic device that measures how much it has traveled. Like for example you’re measuring the length of a person’s arm, you slide the pencil-like device from his shoulder to his wrist. Honestly..

    IT IS NOT INTENDED TO DRAW STRAIGHT LINES. I cannot believe you did not understand that.

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