A camera-shaped EDC to easily adjust settings is a must-have part of your photography gear

The Camera Multi-Tool is an EDC item available on Kikkerland Design that allows users to store several handheld tools in their pocket or wallet.

EDC items come in handy when you least expect them to. Contactless door openers came in handy with the onset of a global pandemic and donut-shaped plastic cutters can do more than just slice open plastic water bottles. Providing the perfect home for niche EDC items, Kikkerland Design is known for one of the world’s “largest [collections] of ingenious items combining form, function, and delight in equal parts.” Cameras are temperamental creatures, so Kikkerland Design released a handy multi-tool to help optimize camera settings and capture the perfect photograph.

Designer: Kikkerland Design

Aptly termed the Camera Multi-Tool, Kikkerland’s new product is a stainless steel, credit card-sized gadget that resembles a palm-sized, 2D camera. Whether you have an old, vintage camera or weather conditions make it hard to figure out the best settings for taking photos, the Camera Multi-Tool comes with 13 functions as well as the ‘Sunny 16’ rule to help figure it out. In its center, is a circular cavity that allows users to find the best angle for their photograph. As the rule goes, on a sunny day, the aperture can be set to f/16 and so on.

Maintaining a slim size to fit inside of your wallet, the Camera Multi-Tool measures 7.6×3.2×0.2cms. Packing a lot into its small size, the Camera Multi-Tool carries a saw blade, a flathead screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, two wrenches, a blade, a Prybar nail puller, a bottle opener, a butterfly screw wrench, a ruler, and a keyhole. While the many tools can be used outside of cameras, screwdrivers and wrenches can tighten cameras and other accessories like tripods.