Feebees Sock Sneakers are the perfect sock shoes for the adults

Feebees Sock Sneakers

Footwear innovation is real and we can expect more brands and designers will join the bandwagon. It’s more than just a trend, though, as great designs for shoes and sneakers are essential for performance.

Feebees is a company that takes pride in making barefoot sock shoes. We see such kinds of sock shoes being used by babies and toddlers, but there are now adult versions available. The Feebees Sock Sneakers don’t look just like socks; they look more like sneakers because of the thicker soles.

Designer: Fees International

Feebees Sock Sneakers Design

The Feebees Sock Sneakers are also considered sustainable now because they take advantage of a recycling system that turns old shoes into new ones. However, the journey to the final version hasn’t been easy as there have been several stages of development. Here comes the adult version from the original sock shoes for the kids—finally arriving after a decade.

Feebees Sock Sneakers Concept

Several experiments have been done while designs have gone through seven evolutions. Feebees was then able to find the right elastic knitting and a high rebound PU. The result is a pair of ergonomic sock sneakers many people will love.

The Feebees Sock Sneakers can improve your running position. It can also help with your balance and maintain the elasticity of your calves. The sneakers are mainly for running, but they are also ideal for outdoor activities, walking, workout, or everyday use. Each pair gives you the feeling of barefoot walking, which has a lot of benefits.

Feebees Sock Sneakers Details

Sustainability is another goal of Feebees as old shoes are recycled and transformed into new shoes. This means reduced waste and better efficiency. In the sneaker game, sustainability seems to be a recurring theme.

Feebees has used thousands of elastic yarns to fit the parts of the foot. Keeping the shoes lightweight is an innovative PU material used for the insole. It also delivers high rebound, so the shoe performance is top-notch.

The Feebees Sock Sneakers have reached the iF Design Award 2022. The pair is under the Leisure category and is an entry by a Taiwanese company. The Feebees Sock Sneakers are available in different colors: Original 2.0-Olive Green, Purple, Gray, Blue, and Black.

Feebees Sock Sneakers Colors

Many people have already tried the sneakers, and they only have good words. One was able to finish a whole marathon with the shoes. Another shared no swelling and pain, unlike with his other runners. The barefoot feeling makes the pair an attractive choice as you can feel every landing. The sock sneakers are comfortable to wear as if you are not wearing anything at all. A pair fits any foot shape, so it doesn’t matter if you are flat-footed or have big feet because the Feebees Sock Sneakers will offer comfort and support.

Feebees Sock Sneaker Design