Rainforest Walk Concept Shoes deliver barefoot walking benefits

Rainforest Walk

Regular walking for health and fitness offers a lot of benefits but walking barefoot offers more. It helps improve the flexibility and strength of the ligaments and muscles of the foot. It is the best way to enjoy nature as it can also help enhance the body’s balance and one’s posture.

For people who like to walk or hike, being barefoot may not be ideal because of several reasons. Many may not want to walk that way, but to achieve similar benefits; there are available solutions. You may get trainers or sneakers that offer comfort and proper ergonomics.

Designer: Aaron Street

Rainforest Walk 8

One exciting concept solution is the Rainforest Walk, a pair of sneakers that lets you enjoy walking in a more natural way, like walking in a rainforest. The design has been imagined to compliment the natural functions of the body. The style of the shoes follows the pattern and visuals from a natural source.

The idea of walking barefoot isn’t the only reason for the design. It mimics the natural form of the foot of muscles—like the roots of a tree crawling along with the earth. The shoe starts with a custom anatomical build and is then covered with different patterns that appear to be hugging the foot.

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The natural design continues, following the contours and shapes of the pattern. There are provisions for breathability, support, and comfort. In addition, there are tooling pods available to help grow the shoe structure, resulting in an aesthetical and comfortable structure.

The pair has undergone different prototype stages. What started as a sculptural base was then advanced into a prototype created by hand. The designer then added the sketches to the shoe form while the shoe pattern was taped and drafted traditionally.

Rainforest Walk

Rainforest Walk 9

Rainforest Walk

Visually, the shoe comes with a tendon motif, especially on the forefoot. The pattern appears to be placed in the most natural and correct positions. Looking at the sketches, we can visualize a shoe that follows the natural placement of foot muscles.

The design was then rendered at full scale to plan the visual for all sides before making the prototype by hand. The outsole is then 3D-printed and then assembled with the upper portion. Notice the design’s attention to detail in every part of the shoe. Some people may not think the design is not that visually appealing, but the main purpose of the pair is really for the barefoot movement.

Rainforest Walk

Rainforest Walk