Mini Home Camera’s unusual shape and contours offer the right balance

Mini Home Camera Vtech

Home cameras are essential because they can discourage people from doing anything wrong. Not many people may be comfortable with having cameras inside the house, but they are crucial, especially if you have young kids at home.

There are plenty of home camera products and systems available from different brands. All over the world, security cameras are increasingly popular. They come in different shapes and sizes, and some with inconspicuous designs. For many homeowners, it’s becoming more important that cameras look stylish while having advanced features.

Designer: Stephen Chan

Mini Home Camera

Vtech Mini Home Camera Concept

Industrial designer Stephen Chan came up with a new design for a home camera that Vtech can actually consider bringing into production. The Mini Home Camera comes with an unusual shape— a curved base with contours and a flat side. The Mini Home Camera can be positioned in different ways with the shape and contours. It can stand in whatever direction you want because the contours give proper support and balance.

The Mini Home Camera is wireless, as cords and cables can break the minimalist look. The flat side is where the camera lens is placed. On one side, we can see a recessed portion where a USB-C port for charging can be accessed.

Mini Home Camera Design

When you inspect the Mini Home Camera, you may probably remember the dimples of a golf ball. But the home camera doesn’t have dimples, just flat contours, so you can prop it up for use and position it on any flat surface. The white Mini Home Camera comes with a simple yet timeless look. The lens part appears shiny with the glass cover. One feature we hope this will have is night vision, so it becomes more valuable and won’t just sit pretty in the dark.

Stephen Chan takes pride in designing experiences that care for people. As a Connectivity Experience Designer at Dyson, he knows design very well. He has previous designs for Vtech, where he was an Industrial Designer. This Mini Home Camera was perhaps a design he once presented but never got to see become a reality.

Mini Home Camera Details

Concept Mini Home Camera

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Mini Home Camera Concept

Mini Home Camera Parts

Mini Home Camera Sketch