‘Is it cardboard?”: Ceramic art blurs line between perception and reality

One of the most popular reality game shows on Netflix is “Is It Cake?” where the contestants have to recreate common objects and then trick the judges into guessing if it’s cake or not. It’s fun seeing all of these ordinary, every day things recreated as cakes and it’s also a good reminder that not everything is as it seems. This art experiment by Jacques Monneraud is of the same idea as the game show but this time it uses something even more ordinary and turns it into an extraordinary collection.

Designer: Jacques Monneraud

The Cardboard collection recreates some common household items like pitchers and vaes into ceramic art. What makes this different from others though is that the they were made from clay but made to look like cardboard. It is basically a statement of “mockery of overproduction and overconsumption” but it is also something that people can actually use if they need something unique on their dining tables and living rooms.

The designer wanted to maintain the texture and visual characteristics of cardboard while at the same time retaining the ceramic properties of the items. The basic idea of the design is to make it look simple enough, like three pieces of cardboard + two pieces of tape makes a pitcher. He had to blend three distinct stonewares for the main body while the tape-like item was crafted from glaze.

If I just saw a photo of these items without knowing the context, I really would have been fooled that they were made from cardboard. Monneraud wants viewers to actually think about how perception and reality can be inextricably linked and is more complex than just the surface. While cardboard is normally a disposable object, the designer believes his work can actually last for more than 3,000 years.