This BUDDY Portable Lamp is one multi-function lighting solution

BUDDY Portable lamp Faro Barcelona Design

The term buddy is widely used as it pertains to anyone or anything that can be considered a friend. This new lamp can be a buddy or a friend in times of darkness as it can be many things.

The BUDDY Portable Lamp can work as ambient light and as a flashlight. The top light serves as the primary light source when you need some illumination. The design is versatile with the light available on both sides.

Designer: Andreu Carulla

BUDDY Portable lamp Faro Barcelona Concept Details

The rubber around the light works as a cushion to protect the device when placed on its side. The rubber is available in three colors: Blue, Green, and Gray. The modern style makes it an ideal lighting solution at home and even when going outdoors. It’s a simple flashlight but the design makes it one attractive lamp. You can leave it on a counter or a desk, and it can serve as a home decor or accent light.

Buddy can let you be free and dynamic at the same time. This portable lamp boasts no cables or ties as it is completely wireless. It’s ideal for those with a busy lifestyle or people who like adventures. The design inspiration is lanterns from the 80s and 90s, while the shape is based on the R95 light bulb. The silhouette is classic and straightforward, which vintage design lovers always go for.

BUDDY Portable lamp Faro Barcelona Concept Design

The multifunction lamp goes beyond its aesthetic appeal as it offers a lot of functions if you need better illumination, a flashlight, and ambient light. The flashlight function is provided by the main light, which is ideal for when you want to read. You can also use it at night or in the darkness when you need some lighting.

The light at the bottom is enough to work as ambient lighting. It’s the perfect lighting you can put in the garden when you want to have dinner al fresco and picnic on the beach at night. Then, when you need more light, you can turn on both lights.

BUDDY Portable lamp Faro Barcelona

The BUDDY Portable Lamp comes with a magnetic charger. The lamp uses a 3W LED bulb with 2700K 260Lm and it can also support a dimmable 5V IP20 Class III bulb. The material used is a polycarbonate body with an opal polycarbonate diffuser and an opal white finish. It is priced at €98.62 which is about $108. The product design has reached and has been recognized at the iF Design Award 2022. Faro Barcelona has already listed the BUDDY Portable Lamp, so it’s now ready for purchase HERE.

BUDDY Portable lamp Faro Barcelona Concept