New Word of the Day: dataSTICKIES

YD’s resident Design Strategist Hideshi Hamaguchi, who also happens to be the innovator of the USB Stick will be pleasantly surprised to see his vision take on such a productive form. dataSTICKIES are the next generation of data portability. They are graphene-based flash drives that replace USB data drives.

dataSTICKIES can be carried like a stack of sticky-back notes; each of them can be simply peeled from the stack and stuck anywhere on the ODTS (Optical Data Transfer Surface), which is a panel that can be attached to the front surface of devices like computer screens, televisions, music systems, etc. The device uses a special conductive adhesive that sticks them to the ODTS and serves as the medium that transfers the data.


  • The special low-tack, pressure-sensitive adhesive is capable of being reused without leaving marks like a repositionable note.
  • When the dataSTICKIES are being read by the device, their edges light up.
  • The dataSTICKIES come in various colors and patterns that make data segregation according to type and size easier.
  • They can be stacked and used together for increased capacity, which also enables carrying them together.
  • The top surface can be written on.
  • If a file needs to be given to someone, a single sticky can be handed out rather than an entire pen drive.
  • The dataSTICKIES are not easily lost because they can be stuck down on any object.

dataSTICKIES is a 2013 Red Dot Award: Design Concept winner.

Designers: Aditi Singh & Parag Anand


  • avi gohain says:

    I saw something similar in the game ASSASSIN’S CREED: BLACK FLAG. But never imagined on my wildest dream that the future is now !! WOOW, mindblown !!

  • Joe Mefrunzo says:

    How did these stickers won a red-dot award? The way they “use” graphene technology is too generic, I could go ahead and say that my invention is to implant a graphene data layer in my hand which is read by a magnetic wristband and can be shared by shaking hands… do I win an award by making pretty renders? ODTS? How does it work? This is nothing more than pipe dreams.

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  • Marcus Arruda says:

    How much do you think will be the storage cost per bit on dataSTIKIES?

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