This tiny $199 portable projector just so happens to also have Windows 10 running inside it

On the market for a budget laptop? How about we do you one better… the SwitchCubic is a portable projector the size of a beer can, costs $199, runs Windows 10, has built-in stereo speakers, and can cast a whopping 120-inch image at 1080p resolution. Did I mention it costs $199? That’s a full-fledged Windows PC projector for half the price of an Apple Watch.

Designer: SwitchCubic

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Touted as the world’s first Pocket PC and Projector, the SwitchCubic packs a Windows 10s device running 8GB RAM and Intel HD Graphics inside the body of what’s essentially a 1080p projector. Roughly the size of a smart speaker, this projector can cast a screen that’s up to 120-inches in width, with auto keystone correction as well as support for 4K.

Essentially small enough to either permanently sit on your table (occupying 15% of the space your laptop would), or even slide right into your backpack, the SwitchCubic has the ability to be your personal computer, a larger-than-life television, a movie-theater, or even a device that lets you mirror images/videos from your phone or tablet. Given the fact that it has 8 gigs of RAM and Intel HD Graphics 600 on the inside, the SwitchCubic is a perfect netbook or budget laptop replacement. Sure, you can’t use it to run high-spec games, but it’ll handle everything from Gmail and Microsoft Word, to YouTube and Netflix. It’s got support for Bluetooth and AirPlay, and a mini HDMI-in too, so you could practically hook your PlayStation or Nintendo switch to it too, giving you a massive FullHD 120-inch display on demand anywhere you go.

SwitchCubic not only provides 1080P Full HD images but also supports full 4K content decoding.

SwitchCubic delivers crisp and sharp images at any screen size from 30 inches to a massive 120 inches.

The LED light source of SwitchCubic is rated for 30,000 hours of reliable high-definition viewing.

Standing at 4 inches tall, the SwitchCubic comes built to run right out of the box. Once switched on, you can toggle between SwitchCubic’s projector and computer mode, and its auto keystone correction kicks right in, giving you an aligned screen no matter where the SwitchCubic’s placed. You can either use the touch-sensitive surface on top of the SwitchCubic or its companion remote control to navigate its features and built-in apps, and the rear side of the device houses a multitude of ports, including 3 USB-A ports, 1 USB Type-C port, a 3.5mm audio input, a Mini HDMI input as well as a regular HDMI out (just in case you want to hook your SwitchCubic to a more traditional external display monitor), and even a TF card slot for good measure.

The SwitchCubic’s projector has a display brightness of 200 ANSI lumens, a projection distance of 1-5 meters, and dual built-in speakers so that you can practically use it without needing any extra peripherals. A 34000mAh battery gives you an average of 2 hours of use, long enough for a presentation or even a movie, and if you’ve got a power outlet handy, the SwitchCubic comes with a 5V charger too.

Available in 2 variants – a Standard and a Pro, the SwitchCubic comes with 8GB RAM, and offers a choice between 128GB/256GB internal storage. The tiny Pocket PC/Projector is up for grabs on Kickstarter for a special Launch Day price of $199, with deliveries beginning in October 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $285 (30% off). Hurry, only 59/170 left! Free Shipping!