Literally Rocking Minimal

Designer Jeppe Worsøe Andersen’s rocking horse transforms an iconic, familiar fragment into a sleek, modern design with a minimalist aesthetic. Inspired by Danish designer Poul Kjaerholm’s famed PK-0 chair, this rocker is both radical in aesthetic and thoughtful in construction. The result is a striking blend of materials including dark, form-bent cherry wood and polished steel that make it a solid, functional toy as well as a sculptural accent for the modern home.

Designer: Jeppe Worsøe Andersen


  • jan.erlandsen says:

    Looks really comfortable… but then again, this is perhaps not intented for actual use, but more for stylish display?

  • Hunter says:

    No. The idea behind a rocking horse is that it looks like a horse.

    No kid will want to ride this …

  • rex says:

    exactly, hunter! this looks absolutly boring to a kid..

  • ねちたゆ says:

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