Jerome Kids Desk ready with tilt functions and adjustable height

There are plenty of things to consider when shopping for kids’ furniture. Of course, it’s a special task for the parents, but before items hit the stores, designers are pouring their hearts and minds into every piece.

At the iF Design Awards 2022, we are introduced to dozens to hundreds of product designs meant to achieve a task while combining aesthetics and offering an emotional appeal. The products are expected to be usable, efficient, and delivering several user benefits. In addition, the design should bring an idea to life and offer form and function in the most innovative way.

Designer: Iloom

JEROME Kids Adjustable Desk

Iloom is a Korean brand more popular for kids’ and teens’ furniture. It’s been around for more than two decades now, delivering creative and innovative products that fit the lifestyle of the consumers. Iloom takes pride in making efficient furniture designs that are of good quality and offered at an affordable price.

Iloom has introduced a new kids’ desk with tilt functions and adjustable height. Officially called ‘JEROME,’ this furniture piece has been recognized at the iF Design Awards 2022 under the Babies/Kids category. This item is created for pre-school-aged children, allowing them to sit comfortably with correct posture.

JEROME Kids Desk

As young as they are, preschoolers need to learn how to sit properly. Correct posture must be learned at home before they enter kindergarten. Doing so will help them develop essential habits in studying and sitting.

The Jerome Kids Desk is designed to support kids in different postures according to activities and growth. Its size is very compact, so it fits just right in a kid’s room or a study area. The desk offers an adjustable height, but there is a kid’s lock, so children cannot make the adjustments independently. Only their parents can set the height of the desk and lock the switch.

Iloom JEROME Kids Desk Adjustale Height Table

The edges of the desk are rounded for the kids’ safety. The table’s lines are also smooth to ensure no one would get hurt. This kid-friendly desk has a height adjusting switch with a kid’s lock for safety.

Iloom JEROME Kids Desk Adjustale Height

The JEROME Kids Desk comes with a built-in electrical outlet with a sliding cover for safety. The desk itself can be tilted up to 45-degrees so your kid can use it ergonomically when using a tablet or drawing. On the right of the desk is a hook where you can hang your school bag. The desk encourages children to do the correct posture while working.

Iloom JEROME Kids Desk

JEROME Kids Desk Furniture

Iloom JEROME Kids Adjustable Desk