Nini Amici Wooden Toy Set lets you make your own animals

Nini Amici Toy Details

Wooden toys are way better than the plastic ones that are widely available. Design-wise, such wooden toy sets are more visually appealing with their classic look and feel.

The fact that wooden toys are sustainable and environmentally safe is a plus. They are more durable and are also safer for children. They say wooden toys are best for your child but remember that not all toys are made equal. Quality toys are hard to come by, so the search for them won’t be over until you no longer have a young kid at home.

Designer: Dingwerkstatt

Nini Amici Toys

NINI AMICI is a new set of small toys made of elmwood. There are only ten pieces, but the toy set is modular, so you can make more toys. It uses a magnetic connector system to attach different parts to make different animals.

Three base bodies can work as the tail, head, or hump. Kids can make most of the known animals, but you can also create new ones depending on the children’s imaginative play. You can call the pieces that connect with magnets as NINIs.

Nini Amici Wooden Toys

What’s more remarkable about the NINIs are the people who make them. The toys are made in Upper Franconia, Germany in a workshop for people with mental and physical disabilities. They are fairly produced and special because of the special people who make them.

The wooden toy set is ideal for people ages three and above. Even the adults will find joy in creating and playing with the NINIs. Make sure kids under 36 months don’t play with them as there are small parts that can be swallowed. The wooden parts have magnets, so you should also keep them away from people who wear defibrillators or pacemakers.

Nini Amici Wooden Toy Set

These wooden toys are very appealing with a minimalist aesthetic. We can consider them as user-configurable as it is up to the kids what animals they want to make. Looking at the suggestions in the booklet, we can see you can make a cat, a dinosaur, an alpaca, a goat, a camel, a dog, a giraffe, an elephant, and a goat.

Wooden Toys Nini Amici Set

A NINI AMICI WOODEN ANIMAL SET costs €85.00 which is about $93. Each wooden toy set contains three basic bodies in different sizes, seven body parts with magnets, one storage bag, and one booklet that shows examples. You can purchase from HERE. The only limit is your imagination, so go on and be creative.

Nini Amici Set

Nini Amici Set Design