ROOT Humidifier doubles as a dehumidifier and air purifier

ROOT Humidity Conditioner Release

Humidity conditioners are essential, but there aren’t really many devices with such function. A concept product design was introduced a few years ago by VLND, an Industrial Design Studio based in South Korea. The product design was even recognized at the International Design Excellence Awards, receiving a Bronze prize in the United States.

Called ROOT, this Humidity Conditioner for CAIRS is ideal for places that have dry winters and humid summers. A humidifier must be available to keep the humidity at an ideal level, especially indoors. Having such a device can prevent dry skin during winter and the uncomfortable and sweaty feeling during summer.

Designer: VLND Studio

Concept ROOT Humidity Conditioner

ROOT Humidity Conditioner for Cairs

ROOT does the job of keeping the optimum level of humidity. It also works as an air cleaner and purifier, which we really need, especially these days. An air purifier dehumidifier is a home appliance that many people can benefit from. It sucks in air from the bottom and then releases the purified air from the top.

The design is based on a traditional Korean brazier. The ROOT is a modern iteration, but instead of providing heat, it helps main the correct humidity level. Its purpose is the same as it helps create a comfortable surrounding for the people.

ROOT Humidity Conditioner Concept Design

ROOT is both a humidifier and a dehumidifier, detecting the humidity level and functions depending on what needs to be done. If the humidity is high, it starts to dehumidify. When humidity is low, it then begins to humidify. It comes with a water tank that may be filled depending on the humidity. You need to empty out the water when it’s filled with too much moisture in the air.

ROOT Humidity Conditioner Details

When the air is dry, you then need to fill the water tank for it to function and do the opposite of humidifying the surrounding. The top of the ROOT features some fine holes. There are lights that indicate the status of the device. Depending on the air quality, the brightness will be adjusted. When the lights blink, you may want to check the water tank to see if it is full or empty.

ROOT Humidity Conditioner Concept

The ROOT is designed to be placed in the center of a space instead of just being placed near the wall. It will perform better if it’s in the middle of the room. The design of this device is something like a furniture item. It doesn’t look dull, but it’s also not overwhelming. It is one interesting piece that can complement the home interior with its industrial minimalist style. The wood texture gives that natural look and feel while the chrome legs offer a bit of a luxurious feel.

ROOT Humidity Conditioner

ROOT Humidity Conditioner Design

ROOT Humidity Conditioner Design Concept