CAN Liquid Geology Collection showcases tables with contrasting scales and texture

CAN Liquid Geology Table Collection Design

The more unique, the better—this seems to be the recurring theme in furniture items these days. And the more unique an object is, the more valuable it becomes.

Not many people may care about the uniqueness of their stuff, but some do. There is beauty in finding pieces that are yours alone and don’t have any copy in the world. Liquid Geology is CAN’s latest collection of extraordinary tables.

Designer: Mat Bernes (CAN Studio)

CAN Liquid Geology Table Design

By extraordinary, we only mean the materials used are something different. CAN has been doing experimental research of innovative materials for different purposes. The latest result is a series of furniture items, including a coffee table, a side table, and a dining table.

Each table comes with steel enamel tops and rubber-coated bases. The latter are simply fake stones made from recycled car tires with flexible polyurethane resin. Each tabletop is hand-cut and then bent lightly to achieve a smooth edge. The tabletops are then coated with blue, orange, and green enamel before being heated in a kiln that reaches 820 degrees celsius. Finally, each top is hand splattered in a contrasting color and then fired again.

CAN Liquid Geology Table Details

The Liquid Geology collection comes with bases with a unique material composition called ‘rubber rock’. The material is composed of recycled rubber chips plus resin. The bases are hand-cast and then coated with deep gloss paint to achieve a different texture.

The design of the Liquid Geology series is based on the idea of contrasting materials, texture, and scale being used. The design team’s inspiration was several things, including Claude Monet’s paintings of sunrise and sunset on the River Thames during the 1880s. Other inspirations were the underwater deep-sea landscapes and rugged coastal scenery—almost out of this world.

CAN Liquid Geology Tables

Each tabletop comes with rich details and colors that remind you of Monet’s works. Even with the speckled design, the table appears like a lake, while the legs appear like rocky underwater outcrops. Each table is unique and seems to be something like a sculpture more than a furniture item.

Liquid Geology Table Materials

CAN’s Liquid Geology collection only features three pieces of furniture. There is a dining table, a side table, and a coffee table. The inspirations for this series are natural landscapes, so there is that fun take to replicate the beauty of nature and use it in a more useful form. CAN’s experimental research seems to be a success; we’re looking forward to more furniture collections.

CAN Liquid Geology Table Collection

CAN Liquid Geology Table Series

CAN Liquid Geology Table Launch