This tiny cabin features glazed glass walls to help you escape the city and connect with nature!

Working from home this past year has turned our houses into hybrids of the office and home– where we work is where we play is where we sleep. Many of us are finding isolated working zones, either through home renovation projects or tiny cabins devoted to work, to separate our days and keep work where it belongs. French architecture company Novablok is unveiling their take on the remote office and living space through a prefabricated tiny cabin called Mini Blok that can be positioned anywhere work calls us.

Mini Blok is a freestanding, simple cabin with a footprint of 21.6m2 that doesn’t require a permit to build or own. Without any foundation anchoring Mini Blok to the ground, the tiny cabin can be positioned in any location, from the backyard to a warehouse. With fully glazed walls, Mini Blok brings you up, close, and personal with nature. Novablok felt inspired to design their collection of tiny cabins, including Mini Blok, to create isolated spaces where working professionals and even individuals looking for a bit of a solitary respite can retreat and work or rest however they like. Tiny cabins are more popular than ever right now, for their low impact on the environment and escapist personalities. Mini Blok boasts a low carbon footprint and with such a sophisticated exterior and interior design, the workday might just end up becoming a work-cation.

The finishes and cladding of Mini Blok can be chosen from an array of different options. Constructed from natural and sustainable materials as part of Novablok’s commitment to maintaining the health of France’s forests, Mini Blok can be personalized from three different finishes. Brut is the barest option, delivering Mini Blok with only its frame and internal structuring for individuals to build and furnish the cabin however they like. The essential finish comes with interior wood paneling and built-in electrical networks but leaves the furnishing and interior design up to you. Finally, Mini Blok’s signature finish comes entirely furnished and fitted for electricity, water, and sewer systems. The exterior cladding can be chosen from Douglas fir, red cedar, or burnt wood created using the tried and true Japanese technique called Yakisugi.

Designer: Novablok

When buyers choose the signature finish for their Mini Blok, Novablok furnishes the interior and equips it with electricity and sewer systems.

Wood paneling and warm lighting gives Mini Blok an elegant feel and refined look.

Fully glazed, sliding glass doors build one facade of Mini Blok, dissolving the barrier between outdoor and indoor spaces.

Darker interior design elements are worked into the bathroom’s design through shadows and minimal paneling.

The different cladding finishes can be chosen from Douglas fir, red cedar, or Japanese burnt wood.

Clients can also reinforce the exterior of Mini Blok with composite material such as stone, concrete, and raw or painted sheet metal.

The Brut finish gives clients total freedom to design the inside and outside how they’d like.

Paneling and electricity are given to the Essential finish Mini Blok, leaving the interior design and furnishing up to you.

A signature finish comes completely prefabricated with sewer systems, electricity, and interior furnishing all taken care of.