Yves Behar & Dr. Deepak Chopra collaborated on the IRIS meditative pod design to create quiet moments in busy places

The Iris pod is a meditation space designed by the likes of Deepak Chopra and Yves Behar for people to have a place for a quiet respite in crowded areas.

Working from home has introduced many changes to office culture. The need for productive collaboration and communication has been emphasized, leading many to address the shortcomings of their company’s specific culture in ways that bring about effective change for mutual benefit.

Designers: Deepak Chopra, Yves Behar, fuseproject for OpenSeed

Weaving more purposeful rest breaks into the workday has been one such change in today’s workforce, inspiring many employees to seek out meditative and quiet moments throughout their workdays. Spurred by the cultural shift, OpenSeed joined forces with alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra, design studio fuseproject, and designer Yves Behar to launch Iris, a series of meditation pods meant to provide moments of calm in high-traffic areas, like the office.

Providing an escape from the hustle and bustle of collaborative workspaces, the Iris meditation pod completely shuts the outside world away so you can find some peaceful respite in its nest-like interior. Even a recent study showed that meditating in an Iris pod during the workday leads to more productive workflow, increasing effectiveness and amplifying meditative benefits. Inside, Iris achieves optimal meditative conditions through essential oils, integrated sound and light technology, as well as guided meditations. Partnering with Deepak Chopra in advisory and content, every aspect of the Iris pod is designed by those who understand meditation in its rich history and ever-changing complexities.

Constructed from sustainable materials, the Iris pod’s exterior is comprised of felt panels to block out about 60-70% of outside sounds. Ideally, the Iris pod will be positioned in its own quiet space, taking up only 100 square feet at most, requiring only one 20 amp electrical outlet for operation. In addition, each pod comes with a WiFi-enabled tablet that uploads and updates new meditation content.