Cosmobile brings the beauty of the galaxy to your ceiling

I used to date someone who was obsessed with stars, planets, and the galaxy in general. So I had no choice but to listen to him talk about these things, bring me to observatories, and show me constellations whenever we’re outdoors. While I probably don’t remember most of what he taught me back then, there’s still a certain comfort to look up at the sky at night and see all those stars, the moon, and maybe even distant planets.

Designers: Jimin Lee (YUPD), Woojin Shin (YUPD), Nakyeong Lee (Hongik U), Sea Song (Hongik U)

Those who are into astronomy (or even astrology) probably have various decorations of stars and planets in their house or their rooms. What if you could have a mobile hanging from your ceiling? Yes, mobiles aren’t just for baby cribs. You can also have something you love hanging over your bed to help you sleep better or just so you can look up at it. The CosMobile is designed to bring some part of the cosmos in your room so you can have something nice to look at instead of just the ceiling.

It’s not really a dreamcatcher but the designer say it might also give you good dreams. But maybe that’s connected to how it should help you calm down or go to sleep by looking at the planets and other heavenly creatures. You can choose your own design and they will customize it for you. You don’t have to follow the exact solar system if you don’t want to, but you also could if that’s something you want for your kid in school or just for you.

The Cosmobile, according to the product description, will “stimulate sound, vision, and aroma”. We’re assuming that the mobile will come with sounds or music to match the galactic design. The vision is of course the visual aspect of it. The aroma is something that’s a bit mysterious and we can’t tell from the photos if there’s an air freshening component to it or something. I don’t know how planets are supposed to smell but hopefully, it’s something calming as well.

Astronomy fans or even casual galaxy lovers will probably like to have something like this. Well, if their ceiling can accommodate something like it. The material would have to be light enough since it would be a health hazard if ever the Cosmobile falls on your bed or room if it’s made from heavy materials.