Top 5 desk gear by Craighill for everyone looking to amp up their work setup

Work from home – what started off as a coping mechanism against the pandemic in 2020, has now transformed into a full-fledged mode and style of working. We’ve been working from our homes for the past two years now, and although some companies have resorted to returning to commercial offices, while others have adopted a more hybrid and flexible model, the one constant in all these scenarios is – a desk. Whether cluttered or uncluttered, you spend the majority of your day on your desk.

You may be typing away to glory, munching away on a snack, or simply fidgeting with a random object – you do end up spending hours on your desk. I’ve found that adding limited, quality products to my desk setup can amp my productivity immensely. The desk accessories you place on your desk are an integral part of your home/corporate office. And these accessories by Craighill are the ultimate additions to your desk – whether you’re looking to boost your everyday productivity or relax your mind during your little breaks. From a captivating puzzle that is a fidget toy for your hands and brain to a sleek desk knife inspired by the Japanese kiridashi knives – these desk accessories by Craighill are a must-have for all the workaholics in the house!

1. Craighill Tetra Puzzle

The Tetra Puzzle is a mesmerizing and captivating puzzle that is literally a fidget toy for your hands and your brain! It is a 4-part puzzle that comes together to form a tetrahedral mass. The goal? Separate the 4 metal pieces as fast as you can! The Tetra is a uniquely appealing desk toy that activates your manual dexterity skills, problem-solving abilities, and spatial reasoning. The 4 identical stainless steel pieces are designed to lock in only when oriented in a pre-determined pattern. Similarly, they can be removed only a certain way, making the puzzle challenging the first couple of times, and then fun and fidget-worthy after. When you’re not playing with the Tetra, it makes for a pretty mysterious and eye-catching objet d’art that you can place on your desk.

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2. Craighill Match Striker

Created from solid cast iron, the Match Striker is everything you need to ensure your incense and candle lighting rituals go as smoothly and effortlessly as possible! It functions as a sturdy, dense, and dependable anchor to create the perfect spark. Despite its immense functionality, it comes packaged in a small and compact form, allowing you to place it in any corner of your desk, without it consuming too much space. The exterior of the Match Striker features an intriguing and deep knurling pattern, which provides the necessary amount of friction you need to light a matchstick, with the simple flick of a wrist. However, the Match Strikers only works with strike-anywhere matches, which do not come along with the product. The matches will leave some residue after being used, but that can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth!

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3. Craighill Closed Helix Keyring

Are you someone who always loses their keys, or simply has no idea where their keys are placed? Don’t worry, this issue is way more common than you think, even if people don’t like to own up to it. For those constant key misplacers, Craighill has the ‘Closed Helix Keyring’. This simple and minimal keyring does its job quite excellently. It features a helix-shaped wire with turned end-caps, which allow you to securely and safely store your precious keys. You simply unscrew the knurled side to add or remove your keys. The knurled ends ensure that your keys are always securely attached to the ring, completely eliminating the risk of losing them. The keyring comes in three variations as well – stainless steel, brass, and Vapor Black PVD on stainless steel.

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4. Craighill Kepler Pen

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and I wholeheartedly agree. A pen gives you the ability to create worlds, concoct sagas, and transcend through time and space, without moving a muscle – except the ones on your arms. And such a majestic tool does deserve an even more majestic form and packaging! The Kepler Pen is an exquisite writing tool, whose exteriors give due justice to its immense functionality. You can use the stunning pen to write a poem to your lover or note down your grocery shopping list if you’re in the mood for something less romantic. Whatever it may be, the Kepler Pen is the perfect product to accompany you in your writing duties. Measuring 5″ L x 0.3″Ø, and weighing 2 oz, the Kepler Pen is available in three variations – stainless steel, brass, and Vapor Black PVD coated stainless steel.

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5. Craighill Desk Knife

This beautiful desk knife instantly grabs eyeballs, and demands a place on your workdesk! Designed to be a multipurpose cutting tool that fits snugly on your desk, ‘the Desk Knife’ is inspired by the Japanese kiridashi knife. The Japanese kiridashi knife is an iconic hand-forged utility knife that is regularly used for woodworking, bamboo crafting, whitling, marking, and more. The Desk Knife borrows the kiridashi knife’s stunning form and structure but in a more contemporary and modern manner. Measuring 5.25″ x 5/8″ D, and weighing 4.5 oz, the Desk Knife is lightweight, elemental, and super satisfying to use. The sleek and menacing knife comes in three variations – solid stainless steel, solid brass, and solid stainless steel with a Vapor Black PVD finish. You can pick the version that suits your personal taste, and the aesthetic of your desk!

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