This thin multi-functional wrench fits in your pocket to give you power over any nut or bolt

There is probably no greater satisfaction than knowing you can loosen or tighten almost anything at any time with that thin steel contraption in your pocket, bringing delight and relief to friends and family.

No one probably fantasizes about being a repairperson, but some might have had dreams of being some secret agent or MacGuyver, able to break free of traps or fix breaking vehicles in the middle of a crisis. In real life, that means having to always carry a toolbox in order to be prepared for those fictional scenarios, but you don’t have to anymore, thanks to advancements in manufacturing as well as some creative thinking. These days, you can have a screwdriver as small or smaller than a pen or, in this case, a spanner that can fit any size of nut or bolt but can still fit in your shirt pocket, always ready for you to whip it out to the amazement of the audience.

Designer: Yu-Hung Cheng

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Pen-sized tools have become possible and are even becoming quite popular these days. A set of tools that once required a large box container could now be reduced to two or three multi-functional tools that can all fit in a pouch or even your pocket. Admittedly, downscaling a wrench is a bit more difficult considering the size of its head and the different sizes it would need to cover, but even that puzzle is no match for some out-of-the-box design thinking.

That’s exactly the proposition that the WRENCHit is making in the form of a handsome, stainless steel tool that looks like an extra thin box cutter. It even shares some visual resemblance with these cutters in how the “blades” inside appear to be segmented. That’s actually not far from the truth, but instead of blades, each segment has a hole that matches a specific wrench size.

The way this rather unorthodox spanner works is similar to a tool pen. You push from one end and have the tool pop out the other, almost like a click pen. The difference is that this action pushes out the next wrench in the sequence, which you then remove from the sleeve and attach to the other end. This is how you cycle through the different wrenches until you get to the one that you need. Once that’s at the top of the head (the exposed part), you can start twisting and turning that nut, using the sleeve as an arm to give you enough torque for the work.

Even while only 4mm thin and weighing only 30g, this innovative spanner is won’t easily bend or break on you, thanks to its SUS420 Stainless Steel body. The sandblasted finish gives it a stylish appearance that is both minimalist and industrial. The Full set we carry in our store includes all ten wrenches, which include spoke and Wing Nut wrenches. There’s even a bottle opener “wrench” so that you can help save the day when no one remembered to bring one to the party.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $69 (15% off applied at checkout). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!