3D printer that’s cheaper than an iPhone

I knew that title would grab your attention. While we’re on the subject, yes it’s true. The Tiko printer goes for $179 and apart from the highly competitive price tag, the printer boasts of a unibody design, the ability to process branded/non-branded filaments, and a new Delta technique of printing that involves the nozzle being controlled by three arms. This allows the printer to print with stunning accuracy, and faster!

Print me a Thumb’s Up Tiko, because you have my approval!

Designer: Tiko 3D


  • What about the fineness in appearance?

  • abdo says:

    actually a brilliant direction to go in. I’ve always advocated that delta was a much better technique of printing over the cartesian method.

  • abdo says:

    the problem is that we’ve taken to cartesian because we’ve literally converted our regular 2D printers into 3D printers. There hasn’t been any innovation there. Just a very minor paradigm shift.

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