Fool-Proof Perfect Lines

Unless you have a guillotine-style paper cutter, cutting in a straight line is near impossible! The Linear Scissors, however, take the heavy equipment out of the equation and are so easy to use that premarking the line with a pencil isn’t even necessary. The solution:  handles with a built-in right angle that square up to the edge of any table, making it possible to cut perfectly straight. Better yet, the handle’s shape diverts the excess material out of the way while cutting. Genius!

Designer: Tamás Fekete


  • Vit Gean says:

    The idea is great. The only ergonomic concern: the user have to keep his/her thumb inside its loop not as deep as with conventional scissors what can lead to faster fatigue of the hand. This should be addressed somehow to make the solution perfect.

  • Seth Weine says:

    I want this NOW!

  • FBD says:

    Great function, nice design!

  • ipesdu26 says:

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  • VEELAJOVI says:

    starck has already got this design long time ago

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