Fire Hose Illuminates Your Smoldering Memories

Because of a fire’s tendency to disrupt a building’s power supply, Firefighters often lack enough light to effectively douse the flames. To help fix this problem, Duck Image co.’s Aurora hose nozzle uses an internal turbine to power eight LED’s that light up and refract off of the stream of water. This not only illuminates the direction of their firefighting efforts to other firefighters and victims, but makes for truly awe-inspiring Lightsaber flashlight battles.

Designer: Duck Image Studio


  • Brian says:

    The LEDs look massive! It’s a shame there isn’t anything in the image that reflects the actual scale of the object.

  • zippyflounder says:

    nope dont buy it unless you increase the number of LED’s shown by a order of magnitude (at least). Show me a WORKING PROTO, on chit like this before claiming its function.

    • Mike says:

      If we use eight SSC P7 leds putting out 600 usable lumens each results in 4800 lumens, which is approximately 1.5 55w HID’s (approx 3200 lumens per HID at the bulb) from cars. Probably more than enough light even at a distance. Plus heat wouldn’t be a problem with even a smallish heatsink water cooled from the flow.

  • monkey face says:

    i’m just going out on a limb here… isn’t a fire’s tendency to also “light” things up, back in the day, lets say before electricity, I swear fire was used to light up dark rooms… aka the candle… now i’m no fire fighter, but if i saw light coming out of a dark building, i’d point my water gun right at that, do i really need led’s to show me the way…

  • hodgy says:

    do the lights work when the turbines arent activated?

  • powers says:

    The concept seems ok, but this is obviously just some slick work in the PS.

  • Josh says:

    seems like a good idea, but like it was already mentioned fire gives off light. Also if the fire was larger the smoke would be to thick and the light off the nozle wouldnt be much good.

  • doug says:

    yeah this can’t be in mass production it is a animated picture not a really pictuer and yes post a video on u tube of a working model forst

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