These fidget-friendly strips stick to your gadgets for discreetly relieving stress

Each of us has a different way of reacting during stress and anxiety or when under pressure or in a conversation. While most people are overly composed, some of us tend to fidget around – biting on a pen cap, shaking the legs, moving around in the chair, or doing what not! Though it is customary to fidget, your constant movement can be distracting and annoying to people everywhere. Enter Fidget Strips; designed primarily to provide the fidgeting hands a light rubbing, scratching the surface; these strips are essentially unnoticeable to others.

There are many types of sensory toys, fidget spinners on the market that have been helpful to people – children and adults – in coping with their fidgeting habit. However, suppose you typically fidget with your fingers. In that case, these colorful and different textured Fidget Strips will provide you satisfying feeling without distracting those around you in a board meeting, office cubicle, classroom, or even when traveling back home.

Unlike the other sensory toys that are noticeable and make noise, Fidget Strips offer a quiet way for you to satiate your urge to fidget. Made from durable material and employing strong adhesive on the back, the strips can stick fittingly to a smooth surface. Once stuck in place, you can gently touch, rub, or scratch them with your fingertips whenever you feel fidgety.

The Fidget Strips can stick to smartphones, laptops, tablets, notebooks, tables, armchairs, or any other smooth surface for your convenience. These are offered in two textures – satin and rough – to meet different requirement sets. The rough textured strips have a rubbery feel that one can scratch or rub on, whereas the satin finish is more like a snuggly blanket you can touch and feel for relaxation.

Measuring an inch wide and about 4-inches in length, these non-intrusive strips allow you to manage and control fidgeting without leaving a mark on the surface it is adhered to. Interestingly, the strips are reusable, so you can easily remove one from the laptop and stick it to the phone’s back if needed. The Fidget Strips are offered in black, blue-green, and yellow-red colors and patterns for visual stimulation in addition to their tactile simulation.

The easy-to-maintain strips can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, and they come in a pack of five, priced at $9.99. So when you need to focus under stress, come up on top in anxiety, just touch or scratch over the Fidget Strips and instantly restore the feeling of calm without worrying about being judged while fidgeting. No one’s going to notice that constant movement anymore!

Designer: Fidget Strips

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