This minimalist table lamp design was inspired by water droplets and kitchen faucets

Faucet Light is a minimalist light fixture design that mimics the look of water droplets forming beneath a faucet’s spout.

We’ve each suffered through the monotonous drip of a leaky faucet at some point. It’s like clockwork and we can’t do anything about it but stare and wait for the plumber. Industrial designer Jaewan Park must have found some inspiration during the waiting game as his new lamp design resembles a kitchen sink faucet and the bulbous water drop that forms beneath its spout. Aptly dubbed the Faucet Light, Park’s new light design finds practicality and an artful design through subtle details and joyful aesthetics.

Designer: Jaewan Park

Finished in ceramic steel, Faucet Light features a glossy base to emulate the look of ripples on a still pool of water. An exposed, transparent glass reflector hosts the light fixture’s main light bulb and provides both area and focal lighting.

As Park explains, the light dimming mechanism resembles the look of a water spout to be intuitive by design, “By rotating the end tip of the tube 180-degrees, the glass reflector can be moved into the tube to switch the mode from area lighting to focal lighting in order to meet various possibilities.”

Rising to around 16 inches in height, Faucet Light maintains a slim body to fit atop most tabletops, even crowded work desks. The light fixture keeps the same shape as a kitchen sink faucet, giving the lamp an edge of intuitive usability for every user to feel confident when using it. Describing the design in his own words, Park describes, “Faucet Light is a tabletop light design concept that visually inspired from an image that water drop hanging on the faucet to achieve both functionality and joyful aesthetics at the same time.”