Blond Fold wireless charger checks all the boxes of great design and sustainability

Phone makers are cutting down on chargers in boxes, but third-party chargers are rising in number instead. Blond, fortunately, has a great idea on how to fix that problem as well.

One of the biggest sources of electronic waste in garbage dumps has been discovered to be smartphone chargers. According to the European Commission, about 11,000 tonnes or 11 million kg of unused or discarded chargers pile up every year. Figures and studies like these are often cited as reasons for imposing a common charging standard or removing charging bricks from phone packaging. That only addresses one part of the problem, though, because chargers are still being made and sold en masse anyway. The other part of the solution is to make the chargers themselves long-lasting and sustainable, which is what this innovative multi-functional wireless charging concept is trying to propose.

Designer: Blond

The Fold, no relation to Samsung’s foldable phones, immediately strikes one as a handsome piece of tech. Blending minimalism and transparency, the foldable wireless charger makes no qualms about its geeky nature. In fact, it invites people to peer into its very soul, and some might even have to dig deep into it in order to repair the accessory over time.

Creative design studio Blond’s concept for this wireless charger is notable in more ways than one. More than just portable, thanks to its foldable design, the charger can be used in multiple ways as well. For example, it can juice up three devices all at once, but it can also act as a smartphone stand when folded in a certain way.

Its most ambitious feature, however, is its longevity. Unlike most consumer electronics, the Fold is designed to be easy to open up and replace broken parts, at least for someone who is used to doing repairs on their own. In theory, the materials used will also be sustainable or responsibly sourced, possibly from recycled products even. That’s not always possible with electronics, of course, so the option of repairing and sending back components for recycling helps both the owner and the environment in the long run.

The Fold’s sustainability extends to the concept of its packaging. Where most products require two layers, with the packaging itself and then the shipping box, Blond envisioned a single recycled and recyclable packaging that meets both needs. This eliminates wasted materials while still leaving room for some creative innovation inside the box, like a space for broken or suspended components for shipping back to the manufacturer for repairs or recycling.