Audio Globe

Designed to rotate on a 23.4 degree slanted axis like the globe, DORA CD Player grabs your attention with its clever gimmick design. This could have been another drab rectangular gadget, meant to seduce you with textures and colors, but thankfully it isn’t! The CD loads into the back panel, while the speakers are placed in the front. I love the catchy remote that accompanies this player; spin my world right round, like a record…..

Designer: Jeong Yong


  • laupforod says:

    AWESOME now a wireless SUB would make it even cooler…..i want

  • Kamil says:

    Nice one, but who uses CD today?

  • StantonCarla says:

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  • Nathan says:

    What’s a CD?

  • Matthew Holihan says:

    The overall design of this speaker is awesome, I would definitely like one sitting on my desk. However, I think the product as a whole would be so much better if you got rid of the cd player function and just went straight bluetooth and auxiliary input.

  • Hunter says:

    Is there a FM tuner option available?
    If not, then I must say I’ll decline.

  • Sach K says:

    Please contact us me at [email protected] with your design. We are looking for innovative products and have the infrastructure to manufacture. This would be great if it only works with blue tooth. No need for CD.

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